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May 9, 2016

Smoothie Obsession

As I mentioned last month, I am trying to get more vegetable in my diet and wanted to quickly update you guys on my progress. I try to get pressed juices or smoothies whenever I feel like I am lacking greens as it's the easiest and most convenient way to have enough vegetables in your diet. Smoothie King's Veggie Avocado Pineapple smoothie is still my favorite as avocado is so filling and nutritious that I can't find any other food that will get me so obsessed about it :) Don't forget to sign-up for a $2.99 20oz. coupon via email and sign up to earn rewards in the Smoothie King loyalty app ;)

April 14, 2016

Veggie Blends for Spring

Spring is in full swing and it's time to rethink out diets for health and body benefits ;) I personally noticed that I haven't been getting enough vegetables in my diet, and I was trying to find a way to add them. As we all know, the easiest one is to drink them in a nutritious smoothie. I was excited to find out about the new blend from Smoothie King - Veggie Avocado Pineapple. There are tons of reasons to love avocado, and no matter how you pair it, they just add up. From skin and blood pressure benefits, to weight management benefits, avocado has it all. Plus it tastes delicious mixed with juicy pineapple. But don't stop there, there are other veggie flavors at Smoothie King, that are delicious and nutritious: Apple Kiwi Kale, Berry Carrot Dream and Carrot Kale Dream. Sign-up for a $2.99 20oz. coupon via email and sign up to earn rewards in the Smoothie King loyalty app ;)

January 18, 2016

Smoothie King Change a Meal Challenge

January is an important month. We make our New Year's resolutions and during this month we'll be able to set our course in the right direction. Making healthy and active goals are on top of our resolutions lists every year, and each year we are trying to come up with easier ways to stick with them. The Smoothie King Change a Meal Challenge might just be the right way to go in 2016.

The Smoothie King challenge is to replace one meal a day with one of their highly nutritious and filling smoothies. They are all under 400 calories (based on 20 oz serving), minimum of 10 grams of protein and 35 grams of quality carbs. We all know by now that incorporating enough protein and carbs helps us feel longer. 

Personally,  I try to maintain my weight by sticking with my diet, and what a better way to keep on track with it, than a delicious smoothie instead of one meal. I think I already found my favorite flavor - it's Lean 1 Chocolate. Definitely worth trying ;)

If you want to join me and participate in the Smoothie King Challenge, share your goal to get started on Smoothie King's site. You’ll be entered to win prizes and earn more chances to win every time you post #changeameal smoothie selfies. Join the e-Kingdom to get a $2.99 coupon and #changeameal. Earn rewards every time you #changeameal! Smoothie King will select and notify winners via social media comments and/or email. Smoothie King will ship all prizes within 6 weeks of prize claiming by the winner. Join the challenge here: CHANGE A MEAL CHALLENGE

March 12, 2015

How to Eat Less Sugar

Spring is only a few days away and while I am still recovering from the terrible cold I had for the past week, a month of over-eating beforehand due to my parents month-long visit (best time of my life!) and finally that very long holiday season full of treats and indulgences, I find myself a few pounds heavier and a little bit (or moderately!) out of shape. Admitting the fact is already hard enough, but then comes this really unpleasant feeling when your clothes just don't fit right anymore. 
Obviously I started browsing the internet and found hundreds of articles on how to lose weight fast, but I quickly realized that as much as I desperately want to lose weight, my main concern is still health. 
So I turned to my good old (or new?) friends - books (which is by far the only New Year's resolution that I keep sticking with!). I have just finished "The Body Book" by Cameron Diaz and I can't recommend it enough! It is very easy to read and, most importantly, very easy to implement. Cameron doesn't just talk about food, she touches every aspect of wellbeing in a very "21st century" way. The book is very informative, but as soon as I read the small article about sugar, I immediately bookmarked it and decided to share with you guys!