LA by Diana - Personal Style blog by Diana Marks: November 2015


November 29, 2015

A New Way to Stay Hydrated

Healthy levels of hydration can increase energy levels, regulate circulation and digestion, and improve overall skin complexion. I don't know anyone who doesn't know this, yet most of us are still dehydrated due to our busy lifestyles and/or frequent travels. It's especially easy to forget about hydration while on a trip. As you might know from my social media, I am in London right now and I found a great way to help me reach my hydration goals before and during my trips.

November 23, 2015

First on the List

This post is sponsored by Target
In November, holiday gifting is already on everyone's mind. In the hustle of gift ideas, we often forget about the most important person in our lives - ourselves. If we are lucky enough, we may have  a surplus in our allocated budgets to spend on ourselves, but, more often than not, we spend our entire holiday budget on gifting others.
This year I am teaming up with Target to change that. We encourage you to put yourself first on your holiday list...right now! Before holiday madness kicks in, find a gift for yourself! Target believes that when you treat yourself first, you'll be inspired to treat others with more  optimism and excitement. So I decided to check it myself :P
I shopped Target's Wonderlist (search "Wonderlist" on and found myself three little gifts: one piece of apparel (a green turtleneck), one accessory (a holiday-friendly velvet clutch), and one beauty item (Essie nail polish with golden glitters). These three little gifts are going to be a great foundation for many holiday looks to come, but here are two of my favorites thus far: a casual comfy look with a warm cardigan for a holiday stroll around the neighborhood, and a classy look in green and blue hues, finished with over-the-knee boots and a statement necklace for a holiday party.
Now I am definitely more excited to shop for others ;)
How will your treat yourself first this season with Target's Wonderlist?
Casual look:

November 21, 2015

Party Perfect with Lulus

Holiday season is right around the corner and this means - party season! I love an all-black glam look for a party, especially if it's as sexy as this jumpsuit! :) I found it at my favorite, which also carries a million options of cute and glam holiday dresses and I am already eyeing a few. What are your favorite pieces for the holiday party season?

November 19, 2015

Layering 2.0

This post is sponsored by Target
Winter is right around the corner, and, being an L.A. resident I couldn't be more excited. We'll finally get those few month of cold and have a chance to show off some winter fashion! I am partnering with Target again to showcase the most popular way of dressing this time of the year: layering. Instead of going for typical layers of clothes, I decided to spice it up by introducing accessories as a layer and, most importantly, layering the bottom of my look (the boots) as well. Both the top and bottom of my look have three layers, and they match perfectly in one cute and cozy look.
I love adding a statement jewelry piece to a turtleneck, or any tight top for that matter. It adds an extra layer of chic without being too bulky. The thin, long, gold necklace was a good addition to an overall winter ensemble.
As for the white long socks, I was amazed. I found these at the back of my closet, barely worn due to being too long, but they added such a level of coziness and made my boots look so different. Will definitely be incorporating more of these layers through the winter.
And what are your ways of layering this season?

November 11, 2015

Two Dots: The Game You Won't Stop Playing

I am not a big fan of games, but I found this one game that is so addictive that I simply CAN'T STOP :) It is called TWO DOTS. It is super simple, but very fun. The point of the game is to connect the dots of the same color, sink the anchors and do it in as few steps as possible. But apart from its addictive concept, it has the most relaxing and playful background music. Perfect for an afternoon break or a fun distraction. Check out the game's Facebook page here, download the game and let me know how you like it.

November 5, 2015

Knit Coat and Anna Wintour

The temperature finally dropped here in LA and I can start wearing jackets! This is so exciting for me :) Couldn't wait until I could finally rock this knit coat from Abercrombie. It makes a simple leggings+t-shirt combination look cool and trendy.