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September 19, 2017

Healthy and Simple Snack with Bellwether Farms

As you know my life is insanely busy and I am always on the go. It often takes its toll on my health and wellbeing because I have a risk of skipping meals and overeating next time I eat. Therefore I am always looking for food hacks and healthy snack alternatives. Recently I decided to go back to basics, and rediscovered my love for yogurt. But not just any yogurt - sheep yogurt from Bellwether Farms
It has the most nutritions whole milk, which has more protein, good fats, and vitamins and minerals than either cow or goat milk. It's also the most digestible, which makes a perfect snack! Instead of making recipes with it, I just enjoy it alone and it became such a favorite of mine. When I say I got back to basics, I went for it fully, so I go for the simplest flavors - plain or vanilla. It's perfect in between meetings, as a post workout snack or just as a little pre-dinner appetizer to enjoy while taking a neighborhood walk with a view.
I love that Bellwether Farms is a family-owned farm and creamery in Sonoma County, California. So not only I support small businesses, but also local farms. I also love the fact that the their full-fat sheep yogurt is probiotic and contains 12 live, active, beneficial cultures free of antibiotics and growth hormones. And lastly, during September Bellwether Farms is partnering with Whole Kids Foundation and donating $1 of every cup of yogurt sold to support schools and inspire families to improve children's nutrition. Get a discount for Bellwether Farms sheep yogurt at your local Whole Foods with the coupon provided on their site.

September 14, 2017

Perfect Lingerie: from Bedroom to a Girls' Night Out

This post is sponsored by b.tempt'd, but opinions are my own :)
If you follow me on Instagram you know that I am showcasing more roles in my life than just a blogger and influencer. I am also an entrepreneur, a self-made woman and hopefully an inspiring voice.
I believe that women shouldn't just show their pretty faces and impeccable taste, but celebrate and showcase how smart, sexy and confident they are. We live in a great age for women and I support female empowerment all the way. I am glad that my advertising partners celebrate it as well. Today's blog sponsor is the lovely b.tempt'd, which is a versatile, youthful and original line of lingerie products. It looks a-ma-zing! And feels even better! Soft, incredibly comfy and sexy textures with lots of lace and colors. It is the brand for young established women who love their bodies and treat them accordingly. Most importantly, some pieces can be worn as a layering piece or a stand alone garment for a night out, like my incredibly cute b.charming bandeau that I styled in a playful summer look pairing it with a cute mini skater skirt and a denim jacket :) I love that it's is thin and soft (feels like you have no clothes on!), but yet it's so supportive and cute!  Another bra that you'll see in the shoot is the grey b.charming front close t-shirt bra - it's obviously very supportive, plus there are no annoying hooks in the back - just a pretty lace texture all along! I just want to show more details of that bra every time I wear it.
And their panties! Don't even get me started! So soft and soooo beautiful! I am a lace underwear kind of girl, so b.tempt'd lace kiss bikini and b.enticing boyshorts are the winners for me! They both are such different styles, but yet the same feeling of comfort and pleasure! Love every single piece! 
I am sure b.tempt'd will be in every girl's lingerie wardrobe in no time. And by the way, if you are a male follower, you know what to get to your lady as a gift! You are welcome ;)

September 7, 2017

The Ultimate Margarita Recipe

The content is intended for adults of the ages 21+
I am not a big drinker, but when it comes to hosting a girls get-together in the summer time - Margarita is my favorite cocktail of choice. Whether it's frozen or on the rocks, from delicious variants like strawberry to chipotle and more... It's actually the #1 cocktail in the US, with 70% of them made from scratch at home...who knew? :) Today I am going to share with you the one secret ingredient that turns ordinary margarita into a an extraordinary one - Agavero Orange. It's a tequila based liquor (delicious on its own too!) that is the perfect addition to any margarita recipe. It's Gran Centenario tequila's perfect match, and it's your dance partner, party pleaser and top-secret ingredient ;)
My ultimate margarita recipe is ironically very simple. I am not a big cook, neither I am a great mixologist. I prefer to eat simply and mix accordingly. Here is my ultimate recipe for the simplest and delicious margarita:
- 1 part  Gran Centenario Tequila
- 1 part Agavero Orange Liqueur
- 1 part lime juice
Shake and pour over ice! Serve with salty rim and enjoy ;)
And what are your favorite margarita flavors?