LA by Diana - Personal Style blog by Diana Marks: March 2018


March 29, 2018

From work to fun with b.tempt'd

This post is sponsored by b.tempt'd, but opinions are my own :) 
You know that my lifestyle is very hectic and unpredictable, which can take its toll on my stress levels and overall health. I take this seriously and try to take care of my mind and body well-being as much as I can. Luckily, I live in Venice beach, where there are countless options to unwind and take care of your balance - from sunset walks to biking, paddle boarding or exploring local neighborhood stores. We all know that staying active is the best way to have a healthy mind. My new favorite activity is Bird scooters - a fun way of transportation, that makes you feel like you are a child again. And with my favorite lingerie brand b.tempt'd, I can finally do it all almost immediately because I don't need to change.  b.tempt'd is a lingerie brand that not only fits your body, but also your lifestyle. Their bras are comfortable for anything - work or fun, plus the brand is heavily encouraging us to take care of ourselves. I wear their bras under a t-shirt for meetings and for a light activity right after; it looks and feels amazing in any situation.
Here I am wearing the b.tempt'd Modern Method Bralette - perhaps the most comfortable bralette I have ever worn, because it still provides the support of a regular bra, yet feels cozy without the extra weight. And it looks so cute - I deliberately want to show off as much of it as I can. That's why I paired it with a loose contrasted tank top - and you know me, I love black and white combination more than anything. 

March 19, 2018

Self-Care with Biore

I have been talking about self care more and more on the blog, mainly because that's what this year is all about for me - taking care of my mind, body and soul without being too obsessive about it. I am humbled to keep partnering with the companies that are on the same mission as I am, and they introduce me and my audience to new helpful products. Today's blog post is about Biore - the brand, which has innovative products that really work, with superior technology, unique ingredients, and unexpected sensorial solutions that targets the root of all skin problems - the evil clogged pore.
I am not a huge mask fan, it takes too much time and is always messy for me, but Biore One Minute Self Heating Mask is the product I fell in love with immediately. First of all, it's only one minute, second - it doesn't harden, and rinses fast and clean - hence, no mess! I love the way it heats up on the face, such a cool sensation! Plus it's infused with natural charcoal, which draws out pore clogging dirt, oil and impurities in just 60 seconds, and it's 2.5x times more effective than a basic cleanser! Handy compact packaging makes it a great product to travel with. What is there not to love? :)