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March 12, 2015

How to Eat Less Sugar

Spring is only a few days away and while I am still recovering from the terrible cold I had for the past week, a month of over-eating beforehand due to my parents month-long visit (best time of my life!) and finally that very long holiday season full of treats and indulgences, I find myself a few pounds heavier and a little bit (or moderately!) out of shape. Admitting the fact is already hard enough, but then comes this really unpleasant feeling when your clothes just don't fit right anymore. 
Obviously I started browsing the internet and found hundreds of articles on how to lose weight fast, but I quickly realized that as much as I desperately want to lose weight, my main concern is still health. 
So I turned to my good old (or new?) friends - books (which is by far the only New Year's resolution that I keep sticking with!). I have just finished "The Body Book" by Cameron Diaz and I can't recommend it enough! It is very easy to read and, most importantly, very easy to implement. Cameron doesn't just talk about food, she touches every aspect of wellbeing in a very "21st century" way. The book is very informative, but as soon as I read the small article about sugar, I immediately bookmarked it and decided to share with you guys!

We all know how bad sugar is and how it affects our overall health and wellbeing, but what some of us don't know is how much sugar is everywhere around us. If you go to the kitchen and start reading the labels, you'll be surprised to find that almost every purchased meal, snack, food you have there has some sugar! Obviously it's not possible to eliminate it all, but here are a few suggestions from Cameron's book:

1) Replace sweetened bottled teas and instant tea powders with unsweetened iced tea and tea bags.
2) Learn to enjoy your coffee or tea without adding sugar.
3) Buy natural peanut butter instead of sugar-added peanut butters.
4) Swap your sugary cereal for a cereal with no sugar added, or plain oatmeal.
5) Go for plain yogurt and add your own fresh fruit instead of buying fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt.
6) Make your own salad dressing by whisking together lemon juice, or any vinegar you like, with a little olive oil, instead of buying the jarred stuff.
7) Lose the candy. Eat the berries.
8) Choose mustard, vinegar, or pesto instead of ketchup.
9) Swap canned tomatoes for spaghetty sauce.
10) No more sodas! Add lemon, lime and mint to sparkling water instead.

Cameron suggests that if you go for a week without added sugars, you'll find that the foods, that you are eating, are already sweet enough and the foods, that you used to eat (soda, candy etc), are just too sweet.
But if we are talking about overall health and well-being here, it's not only the sugar that counts. Remember to get your daily exercise (remember, even walking is exercise!), sleep enough, eat more greens and fiber and, most importantly, drink more water! Here, I said it all in one sentence and saved you at least an hour of pointless internet browsing :)
Speaking of exercise, who is planning to go back to the gym this month? I know I am! Remember to pick up some motivational workout clothes to keep you going ;) 


  1. Очень понравилась твоя статья о том, как действительно правильно организовать питание и иметь физические нагрузки, задуматься о здоровье и меньше кушать сладкого. Поддерживаю идею за здоровый образ и работу над собой! Это всегда тяжелый труд и требуется огромная сила воли!

  2. Great tips, exactly all of them which I'd give myself too!

  3. Nice post n your pictures n ur hypnotic eyes n ofcourse you also #MyLove :* :"

  4. Great tips on cutting down sugar and exercising is definitely important too! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Sugar is the main thing I struggle with in my diet. I'm good with everything else apart from sugar! I'm going to try to cut down drastically though. Great post xx

  6. Great tips! Thank you :))

  7. I hit the gym all year long! Love your leggings!;)♥♥♥