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November 19, 2015

Layering 2.0

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Winter is right around the corner, and, being an L.A. resident I couldn't be more excited. We'll finally get those few month of cold and have a chance to show off some winter fashion! I am partnering with Target again to showcase the most popular way of dressing this time of the year: layering. Instead of going for typical layers of clothes, I decided to spice it up by introducing accessories as a layer and, most importantly, layering the bottom of my look (the boots) as well. Both the top and bottom of my look have three layers, and they match perfectly in one cute and cozy look.
I love adding a statement jewelry piece to a turtleneck, or any tight top for that matter. It adds an extra layer of chic without being too bulky. The thin, long, gold necklace was a good addition to an overall winter ensemble.
As for the white long socks, I was amazed. I found these at the back of my closet, barely worn due to being too long, but they added such a level of coziness and made my boots look so different. Will definitely be incorporating more of these layers through the winter.
And what are your ways of layering this season?

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  1. Красивые фотографии! Интересное, мягкое и очень актуальное в этом сезоне пальто великолепно стилизовано шапочкой и оригинальной задумкой гольф вместе с сапогами! Джемпер и лосины дополняют современный образ! Городской шик!

  2. Perfectly layered and bundled up outfit! You're looking lovely!

  3. Love your layered look!


  4. I need to try layering with boot socks--it looks lovely on you!

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