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November 11, 2015

Two Dots: The Game You Won't Stop Playing

I am not a big fan of games, but I found this one game that is so addictive that I simply CAN'T STOP :) It is called TWO DOTS. It is super simple, but very fun. The point of the game is to connect the dots of the same color, sink the anchors and do it in as few steps as possible. But apart from its addictive concept, it has the most relaxing and playful background music. Perfect for an afternoon break or a fun distraction. Check out the game's Facebook page here, download the game and let me know how you like it.

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  1. I hear this game is the best

  2. I have been looking for some fun games to download on my phone. I will definitely download this.

  3. Интересная игра! Надеюсь получить много забавного и нового! Новое - всегда увлекает и вызывает интерес!

  4. I agree, it is so addicting! I actually beat it and am waiting for them to release new levels!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

    Like this set! Simple and modern, and at the same time so chic!

  6. Looks fun and addicting!