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July 27, 2016

For The Love of The Journey

Life is made up of so many different journeys. Some of them are physical, some are emotional, some are professional. All of them are different, challenging or easy, hidden or apparent. And they all make us grow, learn and experience lasting effects for the rest of our lives. For today's post I have partnered with The Wente Vineyards to talk a bit about my own professional journey.
I started my blog four years ago in hopes that I will eventually be able to make it my business. It was a crazy dream that seemed absurd to everyone around me. But deep down I knew that if I really wanted it bad enough and I worked hard, I would eventually achieve my goal. After all, this mentality is precisely what helped me move from Minsk to London, and eventually to LA. Starting out was hard and unrewarding. I had to spent hours and hours (and I still do) on research, creative ideas, producing content and gathering readership. I would spend days and nights on my laptop doing what seemed to be meaningless things. As soon as I started gathering readers and growing, I started getting feedback from my readers. Some was positive, some negative. Getting negative feedback was very challenging. When you still haven't established yourself in the field, it can create doubt and stagnate your growth. I definitely had frequent moments of wanting to give up, but something kept pushing me further and further, until one day, after countless hours, days and nights of hard work, creative blocks and one time projects, I could eventually make my business my full time job. 
I learned a lot throughout these years, and I keep learning every single day. I learned how to deal with negativity: if it's relevant, improve on what's wrong, if it isn't - let it go. I know it's easier to say it than to do it, but it only comes with years of experience. I am still fighting for my business every single day: working hard, brainstorming and having anxiety attacks about the future, but it's definitely worth it. After all, I am just a small town girl from Belarus who is now running her own business and writing this post all the way from Greece, while working, exploring and enjoying a nice glass of wine ;)
As a huge admirer of good wine, not only I appreciate the taste of it, but also the journey behind it. That is why Wente Vineyards are a fascinating and relatable partner to me. The Wente family's story begins in 1883, when German immigrant, C.H. Wente immigrated to America with the dream of creating a better life. After studying winemaking in Napa Valley, he moved to Livermore with his wife to pursue his new career. Five generations and 130 years later, Wente is still the oldest continuously-operated, family-owned winery in the country. Their wines are 100% estate grown and sustainably farmed in the Livermore Valley, San Francisco Bay and Arroyo Secco. The Wente Family is proud to be recognized as "California's First Family of Chardonnay", which is a result of their continued pursuit of quality and excellence over the years and their "Love of the Journey".
And what's your story? What keeps you inspired every day? Share your journey (professional or personal) below!
And for more inspiration, wine pairing tips, and upcoming events, follow Wente Vineyards on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also read about them HERE
This post is sponsored by Wente Vineyards but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. The following content is for readers 21+.


  1. Путешествия - это вдохновение и возможность почувствовать, изменить нашу жизнь, пропустить через себя интересные моменты и узнать много нового! И особенно ценно, когда ты соприкасаешься с людьми, которые вдохновляют тебя и делятся своим опытом жизни! Компания Wente Vineyards с 130 летним опытом несомненно знает все тонкости виноделия, что особенно ценно для тех, кто ценит качество и натуральный вкус!

  2. Всегда приятно наслаждаться красивыми видами, близкими друзьями, хорошей музыкой и бокалом вина от компании Wente! Это то, что создано и проверено годами!

  3. Enjoy the beauty and taste with the company Vente!

  4. Charming day with Wente! Like it!

  5. This wine sounds great, I will have to check it out!

    xx Kelly
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  6. Fantastic! Great taste!