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July 12, 2016

Conscious Designer Shopping With ThredUP

I know, we are in the middle of summer now, but some people are already thinking about refreshing their fall wardrobe. If you have been reading my blog long enough, you are probably aware that I am a huge fan of recycling clothes, as I change it so frequently. Every season I will pack a huge bag of items I don't wear any more, and either donate them or trade them to consignment stores and shop for new or recycled clothes afterwards. I find it both financially responsible and ecologically sound.
I recently discovered thredUP that took it to a whole other level for me. It is basically a giant online consignment shop (up to 90% off retail price!) that’s really thoughtfully curated and easy to navigate. I hate digging  through countless racks of clothes trying to find a perfect item, and with online shopping this problem has been solved. At thredUP in particular, all you have to do is type in whatever you want to get (item, brand) in search, and you'll see countless available options which you can sort by size and/or color immediately. So much time saved!

These particular items that I bought at thredUP were such a great deal! The Vertigo Paris jacket was in perfect condition and I got it for $16.99 instead of the original price of $70. And the romper from Dolce Vita was originally $167, but I got it for only $34.99! So I saved $185.02 in just one order! There are so many other fun things to do with the money I saved!
The best part is that getting rid of my old clothes is equally as easy! I don't have to go anywhere and wait in lines anymore. I can simply order a thredUP Clean Out Bag, fill it with the items I no longer want, and place in front of my door for pick-up. It literally couldn't be easier to get rid of things I no longer need in a responsible way!
If you are looking to get some cool designer pieces at a fraction of the price, shop at thredUP, use WOW40 at checkout for 40% off their ENTIRE order!
This post is sponsored by thredUP, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. Это удивительный способ получить и в то же время расстаться с вещами, которые тебе уже разонравились!
    В нашем современном мире, когда все быстро меняется использовать thredUP не только удобно, но и возможность выглядеть красиво, не затратить огромных денег и сэкономить время! Выглядеть классно можно вместе thredUP!

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