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November 20, 2017

The Perfect Gift for Holiday Parties

Holiday season is the busiest time for me, but when the holidays actually arrive, it gets peaceful and quiet. It's the perfect time to reconnect with friends or family, decompress and disconnect for a little. And the best gift for me is time. Time that I can share with people that matter. Thankfully they kindly invite me to their gatherings at home (I don't cook, so it's better to join friends that do :)). I used to be anxious about being invited, because I never knew what to bring, until I found the perfect gift and a great companion to every party involving adults - wine! It's the best holiday gift that I repurpose for different invitations. I try to make sure that the packaging looks festive, it always adds a little holiday cheer to the whole gift giving experience. Wine creates warm memories and is a great way to connect and reconnect during those rare get-togethers!
As you know, I am a fan of Wente Vineyards wines in particular. Red or white, you can never go wrong with them! Plus they have the wide variety of wines for every budget. Wente is offering a 25% OFF discount on their site exclusively for you guys! Just enter 25TOAST at checkout! Cheers!

July 27, 2016

For The Love of The Journey

Life is made up of so many different journeys. Some of them are physical, some are emotional, some are professional. All of them are different, challenging or easy, hidden or apparent. And they all make us grow, learn and experience lasting effects for the rest of our lives. For today's post I have partnered with The Wente Vineyards to talk a bit about my own professional journey.