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August 7, 2016

London Diary with British Airways #Bleisure

You guys are definitely aware that I had quite a busy July traveling non stop around Europe, and the center of it all was my favorite London. It has a very special place in my heart as I used to live there and it definitely feels like home every time I go back. Not to mention that my best friend lives in London, and we always have tons of adventures when we get to meet. Since London makes me so happy I try to go back there as often as I can. Most of the time, it's still for business, but I am an expert at combining both business and leisure, and I highly recommend doing that to everyone who travels. I always take some time off my busy schedule for catching up with friends or simply exploring the city. You can't go to a place like London and not take advantage of countless activities and places it has to offer. So if you ever travel there for business, make sure to squeeze in an extra day or two for additional exploring ;)

I partnered with British Airways to bring awareness to their #BLeisure program (which is essentially what I described above - a concept of combining business and leisure in one trip) and flew with their Club World option. I am always on the go and I have a ton of activities planned on the day of arrival, so I need to be fresh and rested once I land. With their Club World amenities I was able to get a good sleep, enjoyed amazing meals and even got some work done. No time wasting with British Airways - perfect for a girl on the go like me ;)
As for things to did, I can offer you a ton of advice as a London insider, and you've seen most of it on my socials. But if you are traveling there for the first time and want to check out some local hot spots and feel like a local while still checking out the sights, scroll down for my photo diary.
I strarted my journey in LA getting comfy in my Club World seat, had a lovely dinner, a good sleep and...

..woke up to a delicious breakfast. 

Over the course a few days that I spent in London, I enjoyed the following:
Nighttime walks in Battersea along the river Thames

Delicious breakfast at the Ivy West End

Visited Buckingham Palace - it's a must!

Explored my favorite local area in London - Chelsea

Had lunch at Drunch in Mayfair - amazing food (their pressed juices and desserts are incredible!) and, if you are into shisha, they have it as well ;)

Attended a beauty event at Harvey Nichols - their Beauty Lounge is definitely worth checking out!

And while in Knightsbridge checked out other shops in the area..

..including world's famous Harrods!

Stopped by the Royal Academy of Arts..

Had countless afternoon teas. Seriously! I lost count! But My favorite spots are sketch (photo above!)

Winter Garden at the Landmark

And if you don't want a full afternoon tea experience but still want to enjoy some traditional english scones and tea, feel free to look for the terrace at Harrods (hard to find but it's worth it!)

I also enjoyed walking on Regent's street on a Sunday (it's traffic free on Sundays in July for their Summer Streets events)

I was so full after my late afternoon tea experiences that I sometimes skipped dinners, but if you still have room for another meal after that - Mora in Mayfair is a great option ;)

You can walk off you meal on the new bond street afterwards ;)

I am usually exhausted by the end of the day in London, but if I want to go out, I like to go to places in Chelsea or Battersea. Cocobananas in Battersea is definitely a great choice for a night of dancing ;)

As you can see, London has countless places to explore and visit. This summertime trip was definitely a memorable one. I am looking forward to new London adventures with British Airways. 

Check out my London Video Diary below:


  1. This sounds like an incredible trip and what a way to travel!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. Ah, this post made me miss London so much! I can't wait to go back again, so many places I want to go to, revisit and also see some new ones. Thanks for sharing your trip with us, all of these photos look amazing!

  3. Фантастические фотографии! По-новому, еще более интересно, хочется ознакомиться с Лондоном и последовать твоим рекомендациям! Удивительные места, вдохновляющие моменты, красота и величественность - все это поражает и приглашает увидеть заново! А полет с British Airways - это комфорт и удовольствие!

  4. Beautiful pictures! These emotions make me go back to London again and again! A delightful journey!

  5. Delightful London with you! Always interesting and beautiful to watch! I love your blog!

  6. Beautiful pictures! I enjoy with you!

  7. I love this post so much and the video you filmed! My family and I visit London quite a lot so this post made me miss it, especially when you can tell you had lots of fun being there x

  8. Beautiful pictures! I love your blog! Amazing trip to London!

  9. Thank You for being so kind and sharing you Travels and pics Diana