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September 23, 2014

That Perfect Gift...

First of all, THANK YOU so much for your lovely emails and comments on my latest post. You can't imagine how much you make my day with your tweets, comments, likes and messages. I see and read every single one of them. I am so glad to be bringing the "Total Black" style back! To go along with the "black waive" I obviously couldn't resist pulling out my favorite "little black dress". I believe that the most important part of the "little black dress" look is the shoe! I always dedicate extra time to decide which pair will be the key element of the day when wearing LBD. Today it's my new italian obsession from Loriblu - sleek, sexy, feminine and elegant shoes directly from Italy! I believe they could be a perfect gift for any lady (or yourself if you are a lady :) ), because I don't think anyone would ever NOT want them :)
Speaking of gifts.. I want to tell you about this new platform - Giftry - a cool way to create boards with gift ideas for yourself and others. If your friend has a birthday and you have no idea what to get them (which is ALWAYS the case!), you can create a Giftry board where you can add all sort of different ideas from physical retailers and any online stores. You can also invite your common friends to contribute to the board with their ideas and you can even anonymously invite your friend (whose birthday it is!) to add his/her own ideas for their perfect gift! Now you can never go wrong with a gift for that special occasion.
I am one of the Giftry influencers, which I am super excited about, who has a special board with cool gift ideas (these shoes are definitely there ;)). Check it out HERE and feel free to utilize my giftries :) Have fun!

Sunglasses: Prada. Dress: Lulus. Shoes: Loriblu.
I'm a Giftry Influencer


  1. Oh my... These shoes are to die for!!

  2. Wooow, they looks amaaaaazing. xa

  3. I love Loriblu shoes, they can change any look!!
    XOX, Gap.

  4. Those shoes make your legs so beautyfull , or perhaps it's you legs make those shoes so beautyfull ;)
    nice gift indead ;)

  5. HOLY!!! I think my heart just hopped skiped and jumped... Nobody but you can wear a black dress like that.... Very nice!

  6. Beautiful shoes!

  7. Фантастические фотографии! Это удивительное, маленькое, черное платье, всегда в моде и в тренде! Туфли - шик моды!

  8. Well, these boots are simply to die for! Love them! Such a craft!

  9. Look great! I love this style!

  10. looks like everyone is in agreement- the shoes are killer!

    Sah x