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September 4, 2014

New York Fashion Week Day 1

Wow! What a day it has been! Since early morning till late evening I was running around town attending shows and parties! And all of that on 7 hours of sleep in 2 days - pretty brutal! I'd like to  believe that the first day is always the busiest (based on my last year's experience), but I feel like they might all be busy this time around... So I won't sleep more than 5 hours any time soon. I guess that's part of the job, so I'll still take it =) I am trying to keep you updated on everything I do in this fashion week on my Twitter and Instagram. TWITTER is definitely more detailed though, because I don't want to overload my Insta with 20 photos a day. Thank you for being so engaging there! Love to interact with you guys!
Now, let's talk about my look before I tell you all about the shows I attended. Started fashion week with a chic and glam look with classy sweat pants from Sandro and a ruffle crop top from ASOS. Accessorized with a body chain from ASOS, awesome sunnies from Versace and my new booties from Dolce Gabbana! I already know that it's probably my favorite look of the whole upcoming week. I loved every single detail and apparently street style photographers did too =)

Sunglasses: Versace. Top: ASOS. Pants: Sandro. Body chain: ASOS. Clutch: Givenchy. Booties: Dolce & Gabbana.
Now, to the shows!!! First one was Nicholas K - loved loved LOVED layered draping fabrics and the whole safari theme! Very very cool, I can totally see the "new me" wearing it!
The second show was BCBGMAXAZRIA - soft palette and simplicity still made it chic and classy. Don't know how they do it.
Supima Design Competetion was a tough run as usual. Below are my three favorite looks.
Desigual was the highlight of my day! This Spanish label patriotically portrayed everything we think about Spain - parties, flowers, amazing music and beautiful playful ladies ;) Adriana Lima being part of the show was a very pleasant surprise for me - she is just so gorgeous, energetic and sexy! I loved how refreshing the show was with smiley models (can you imagine they CAN smile!?) who were interacting with the audience, blowing kisses and carrying fun signs like the one below. Definitely my favorite show of the day!
Next one was a male show of Perry Ellis where I bumped into Nick Wooster! How cool is that!? :)
Next stop was the Old Navy Party in a cool space with modern light and spacious environment - love parties when there is a lot of light ;)
And the last show of my day was Meskita - a collection inspired by Egypt, featured golden and silky materials. The finale was very original - I featured a short video on my Twitter, so be sure to check it out!
I really hope you enjoyed my recap and thanks for being so incredibly amazing and supportive on my social networks and here! I can't express how grateful I am! Stay tuned for more NYC adventures and follow along on Twitter and Instagram. I am off to get my 5 hours of sleep :)
You can shop my today's look down below!


  1. This is a cool body chain you're wearing.

    xx Cheyenne

  2. Great post! Love your pants with cropped top!

  3. OH WOW!! You blew me away with this amazing outfit!!
    Stunning sunnies and super chic top!

  4. It all sounds very exhausting! Fabulous...but very exhausting! Loved seeing the photos of the shows...and world away from what goes on in my little life!

  5. Fabulous sporty chic look!

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    XOX, Gap.

  7. I love your outfit. Thank you for sharing your amazing day. XO

  8. The top you're wearing is very cool, I like it a lot. :) x

  9. Lucky you!! Attending NYFW must be an amazing experience! Have fun xo

  10. Lovely photos! Looks like you had a lovely time :)

  11. Love your look! Enjoy Fashion Week :)


  12. You look great, love this body chain, it looks so amazing!

    Fashion latte with vanilla

  13. Love this, your outfit is so cool and awesome.

    xoxo, Diana

  14. Фантастические фотографии! Великолепно стилизован образ! Черный топ с рюшами декольте оригально дополняют штаны от Сандро и сапоги Dolce Gabbana, благодаря которым можно представлять не только спортивный, но и повседневный, городской шик! Аксессуары подобраны современно, грамотно, придавая эффект и гламур для всего наряда! Удивительный стиль для молодых девушек! Ждем с нетерпением новых моментов от Недели Моды!

  15. Love the outfit and your gorgeous blog♡

    Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  16. Oh HOW cool is your outfit especially your top! the fringe on the shoulder is gorgeous. I am so glad you get to go to NYFW. Please free to picture overload me :)

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    It seems like you had a super busy but fun day ;)


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    Christy of:

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