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April 18, 2016

How to Have More Fun in Your Life

We all have busy lifestyles these days. The term "work hard, play hard" is used everywhere, yet a recent Chase Freedom Unlimited Card survey found out that Americans are experiencing fun deficit and are not having enough fun in their lives. But Chase is on a mission to change that by introducing the new Chase Freedom Unlimited card, that offers 1.5% unlimited cash back on every purchase. There’s no minimum to redeem for cash back—cardholders can redeem any amount, any time.

There are so many ways to have more fun in our lives, and it doesn't have to be expensive or cost anything at all. As you can see from the Chase Freedom Unlimited Card survey, spending time with people you care about tops the list, small treats like coffees, ice cream etc and treating others are next on the list. But to add more fun we have to first recognize that the sources of it are truly unlimited. 

As for me personally, this year I have gone through a lot of changes in my life. I learned that life is an unpredictable journey and that I have to appreciate every single second of it. I am therefore thriving to add fun to my life every single day. Here are my little tips and tricks for adding more fun in life:

1) Laughing, goofing around and just being silly anywhere I go.

2) Taking a daily walk around the block for a change of scenery and mood.

3) Treating myself to a little guilty pleasure (and possibly sharing the experience with someone I care about).

4) Trying a new activity even if I am not really good at it.

5) Going to the beach, because why not? I live in LA after all :)

6) Having spontaneous picnics in nearby parks.

7) Reading my favorite magazine.

8) Calling, traveling, spending time and/or simply laughing with friends.

9) Experimenting with my everyday make up.

10) Treating myself with flowers.

11) Attempting to cook.

12) Staying awake for the whole night dreaming and star counting with your best friend.

13) And the new favorite of mine - riding scooters. They are such a fun way to move around and you can enjoy those rides with friends and family. Check out the best kick scooters here

And what are your ways of having #UnlimitedFun in your life?
This post is sponsored by Chase Freedom Unlimited but the content and opinions expressed here are my own!


  1. these are all such great tips! and the ice cream place in malibu is the best!

  2. Such a sweet photos!! Loved your tips on happier and more fun life too, they're so true!

  3. Love the photos!

    Have fun girl :)

  4. Восхитительные фотографии! Это удивительно, когда есть возможность планировать и наслаждаться лучшими моментами жизни! Безусловно, Chase Freedom Unlimited card оказывает неоценимую услугу в осуществлении этих моментов! Путешествие - это то, что остается в ваших воспоминаниях навсегда!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Excellent tips to help make our lives better!

  6. what great tips! and your photos are great too!

  7. I like this post and totally agree with you.
    Life is so unpredictable we all need to grab it by the lapel!

  8. these are all really great ideas :) thanks for sharing!
    The Fashionista Bubble

  9. These are all amazing tips! What a nice, positive post <3 :)

    Edye //

  10. So inspiring! Thank you for sharing your tips and beautiful photos with us <3 xx

    Naïve Live
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