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April 20, 2016

Entertaining (and Cleaning) Made Easy

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I love gathering my friends for Sunday movie afternoons at my place, but I hate cleaning. It was always too much time and hassle to do it after everyone leaves. But not anymore! I have discovered the new Dyson V6 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum, which is a complete lifesaver. It is a cord-free vacuum that is super lightweight, extremely versatile and, most importantly, powerful. You can really clean everywhere with it: the couch, the car, cobwebs in corners, crumbs left in the sofa cushions after people leave, etc. And it's all thanks to the cord-free nature of it. This machine is definitely every entertainer's dream!
I find myself cleaning more and more often, because it's so easy now! I ditched my old vacuum completely, and, thanks to different attachments, I can now reach anywhere and clean my house from floor to ceiling, including all those hard-to-reach places (under the couch, the crevices between appliances, you name it!). It's so easy and fast (literally under 20 minutes!). 

Cleaning doesn't have to be a chore. With Dyson V6 cord-free vacuums, you can clean from floor to ceiling with Dyson power, without the hassle of a cord. Clean carpets, cobwebs in corners, or convert to handheld mode for countertops, couches and car interiors. No more lugging, plugging and re-plugging the old corded vacuum - just undock and go. For more on Dyson cord-free vacuums, visit or search #CleanEverywhere.


  1. Это, действительно, очень удобный и простой в использовании пылесос Dyson V6, рассчитанный на быструю и легкую уборку! Эффективность и качество, отсутствие шнура, мобильность и быстрый результат чистоты - это то, что нужно в нашей повседневной жизни!

  2. Like Dyson V6 very much!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Like the modern vacuum cleaner!

  4. Love all the dyson products dearly!

  5. Looks like a fun to do chore with!

  6. Lol, why does it look like it is so much fun. It's honestly because this isn't as much of a cleaning tool as it is a fun gadget. Definitely would recommend