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April 25, 2016

The Other Mother

Mother's day is coming up so soon, but in addition to acknowledging our beautiful selfless mothers who always have our backs, I am partnering with LovePop to help recognize the "Other Mother" in our lives. It can be an aunt that never told your parents about that one time, a teacher who never gave up on you, a mentor who has always guided you in the right direction or a boss who recognized your talents before you did - she is the woman who doesn't fit that simple definition of mom, and she has no obligation to add to or invest in your life, but she still does it without asking anything in return.
In my case this person is my grandma. She is the person who loves me unconditionally and is always on my side no matter what. I can trust her with all my secrets and can definitely call her my best friend. Every time I am going through a rough moment in life, she is always there for me trying to be a good advisor, supporter and listener. Her positive approach to life, her ability to gracefully deal with any conflict and her ways of appreciating every little thing in life inspire me to move forward and be a better person every day. 
This mother's day you can recognize the "Other Mother" in your life with a special and unexpected 3D pop-up card from LovePop. Say thank you and tell her about her spirit, her smile and her impact on your world with a personalized hand written message on a beautiful 3D LovePop card. You can also nominate your Other Mother for a special card on LovePop site (all nominees will receive a card!) and even win a very special curated gift basket for her. Submit your "Other Mother" story here.

This post is sponsored by LovePop but the content and opinions expressed here are my own!


  1. Lovely! I wrote about my grandmother's unconditional love as well. These cards are beautiful!

  2. Lovely! I wrote about my grandmother's unconditional love as well. These cards are beautiful!

  3. you both look amazing

  4. Beautiful pictures! These are the most memorable photos with dear people! Great Mother's Day!

  5. Красивые фотографии! Это удивительный, великий праздник День Матери, наполненный любовью и теплотой к близким людям! Берегите своих мам и бабушек, дарите им свою любовь и мир станет лучше! Бесценные моменты в жизни каждого и пусть они длятся, как можно дольше!

  6. Lovely!

  7. Love this wonderful holiday Mother's Day! Happy day!