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May 21, 2015

Target Loves Everybody

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When Target asked me to discuss this topic, I immediately jumped on board since it's an ongoing battle for me and, I am sure, many other women. We are talking about confidence during swim season. Target is on a quest to encourage confidence and excitement this summer by celebrating every body type with a variety of swimsuits in styles, sizes and shapes that fit everyone.
Let's talk real. We all have our insecurities when it comes to a beach body. The first time I approached this topic on the blog was two years ago (read here), but not much has changed since then. Except for the fact that I learned that the right fit of swimsuit is the key determinant of your confidence on the beach. I usually spend days looking for a perfect swimsuit and try countless options (whether it's shopping online or in store). My body is pear-shaped (no matter how much I hate it, so I might as well start loving it :) ) and therefore picking the right swimsuit that accentuates my advantages and hides my flaws is extremely important. After trying countless swimsuit options at my local Target, I found this one - it highlights my body's natural curves and, most importantly, hides the widest part of the body with a little mini skirt, making it appear more proportional. I love the retro theme of the swimsuit - it's definitely one of my favorites.
But now that I have invested so much time and money finding the right swimsuit, I don't need to limit myself to the beach any more. There are countless layering options incorporating my swimsuit into a variety of summer looks. I can style it with pants and skirts, and even throw a blazer on top of it for a professional office look. But my favorite look so far is the one below. It is a perfect one for a classy weekend shopping stroll, a nice mid-summer brunch or a romantic July date. The swimsuit therefore is a centerpiece for any occasion ;)
Love your bodies, stay confident and have fun this swim season with Target ;)

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  1. This is super cute! Love the retro feel of it!

    xx, mel

  2. You look radiant! And it's so true about the insecurities thing. I'm pretty slim and people probably think I should have no insecurities about my body, but it's a personal thing. I think every woman goes through it no matter what. But finding the RIGHT suit that makes you feel better totally portrays that confidence and makes you LOOK better for it. Keep on keeping on and doing what you're doing! You look fab.

  3. That's so true, choosing the right swimsuit is more important that one would think. You might look bad in one but fabulous in another!
    By the way, you look amazing in the photos. :)

  4. Target definitely knows how to pick to feature their swim style because you have the perfect slim figure <3

  5. Красивые фотографии! Идеально подобрана юбка, которая сочетается с верхом и позволяет использовать этот наряд для отдыха и купания! Правильное сочетание вещей умеет скрыть все недостатки и позволяет выглядеть стильно и красиво! Ты - великолепна!

  6. Just such a chic look!

  7. Seriously love this suit. I'm not normally a one-piece kind of person, but I had to pick it up when I saw it over the weekend!