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September 18, 2013

Embrace Your Body

Like most girls, I have insecurities about my body, but with years I am learning to embrace it and accept it the way it is. It doesn't come without a challenge, but I am trying my best to stay on track.
My resolution for this year was to finally have the courage to wear a two-piece and actually wear a bikini at the beach, which was supposed to be the first time in the past 5 years!!
The never-ending heat in LA these days and the realization of the fact that summer WILL eventually end (not for a couple of months though) made me remember my resolution and finally step out of my comfort zone.
I guess the final pushing point was the fact that I got a hold of this beautiful maxi caftan in turquoise-green color from Jordan Taylor, which is perfect to wear on top of the bikini. So I am proud to say that I finally DID it. "Surprisingly" enough, nothing bad happened and nobody was pointing and laughing at me.
I guess the point of my little story is to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself and don't get caught up in insecurities, because bottom line - it's all in your head and no one else cares.
And thanks to Jordan Taylor for their amazing resortwear collection, which make every body look and feel good.

Sunglasses: Versace. Necklace via  Beach Dress via Jordan Taylor. Bikini Pant: ASOS. Bikini Top: ASOS. Bracelet via Ring via
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  1. Stunning pictures Diana !! And you look amazing !


    Minimalist look with crop top, today on

    1. Marvellous pics!

      Kisses from

      Don't miss you today my amazing Loose Black leather Dungarees look with amazing Lace-Up scalloped heels!!!.
      WIN an aamzing pair of bamboo wood sunglasses!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures and I adore the colour of the your coverup. You look fantastic :)

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  3. Lovely photos and amazing look!

    ♥ MARTA

  4. You look great on your bikini, Diana!! Good job!!
    And I agree with you: everybody has to challenge theirselves to do things they don't do because of insecurities.

    Have a nice day!


  5. You have a beautiful and harmonious body shape! A lot of girls can envy you =) I love the color of this caftan, my fave shade this summer =)

  6. Even being thin, I still don't feel comfortable in a two piece... I still wear one none the less. (:

  7. really amazing photos and amazing body!
    (: Anna

  8. you look fabulous and your body is perfect!!!

  9. You look flawless Diana! Beautiful photos, I cant believe you didnt wear bikinis till now, you are great with it! xo

  10. Diana you have a fabulous figure! However I completely understand regarding being insecure! I'm that girl too! You probably heard this before "if I had your body, I would ...." Well that's what I would say to you lol
    Being athletic I'm most insecure to show my thighs! They are muscular in my opinion so I would wear a boy surfer shorts over the bottom!
    You look awesome in this beautiful seafoam colour!

  11. Gorgeous photos! xx

  12. Your swimsuit is amazing <3

  13. You look amazing!!!

  14. How can you have any insecurities about your splendid figure? OMG!! In my case, after having two babies (two teenagers nowadays), I need more than embracing ...ha...ha...!! Surely there´s a lot of people (including myself) that terirbly envy you ;D !!

  15. You look stunning! Love that bathing suit top.


  16. you look great! wearing a 2 piecel is one of my resolutions as well.


  17. THANK YOU !!! I cant find a word to describe how great you look.. @dontapologzfrme. ; )

  18. Красивые фотографии! Великолепно выглядишь! Очень хорошо, что есть желание стремиться к лучшему - это значит, что ты развиваешься и не стоишь на месте! Умение критично подходить к себе заставляет человека быть лучше и двигаться вперед! Этот образ удивительный! Восторг и вдохновение!

  19. You have a beautiful, gorgeous body and figure ! I like that bikini so much =)

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  20. Love this post! Were all about women empowerment and expression. You would love our boutique

  21. You my dear look absolutely stunning! I love your confidence. :) BTW, those colors are amazing on you.

  22. You look absolutely gorgeous and there's no way to feel insecure. You rock that stunning two piece! Good for you for taking the plunge!

  23. You look absolutely gorgeous and there's no way to feel insecure. You rock that stunning two piece! Good for you for taking the plunge!