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September 7, 2017

The Ultimate Margarita Recipe

The content is intended for adults of the ages 21+
I am not a big drinker, but when it comes to hosting a girls get-together in the summer time - Margarita is my favorite cocktail of choice. Whether it's frozen or on the rocks, from delicious variants like strawberry to chipotle and more... It's actually the #1 cocktail in the US, with 70% of them made from scratch at home...who knew? :) Today I am going to share with you the one secret ingredient that turns ordinary margarita into a an extraordinary one - Agavero Orange. It's a tequila based liquor (delicious on its own too!) that is the perfect addition to any margarita recipe. It's Gran Centenario tequila's perfect match, and it's your dance partner, party pleaser and top-secret ingredient ;)
My ultimate margarita recipe is ironically very simple. I am not a big cook, neither I am a great mixologist. I prefer to eat simply and mix accordingly. Here is my ultimate recipe for the simplest and delicious margarita:
- 1 part  Gran Centenario Tequila
- 1 part Agavero Orange Liqueur
- 1 part lime juice
Shake and pour over ice! Serve with salty rim and enjoy ;)
And what are your favorite margarita flavors?