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December 11, 2015

London Gal

As you might now from my social media, I recently took a trip to the UK. It was such a great experience to come back to a place, which I once called home - rediscover myself and more importantly, reflect on my life especially considering the important changes I am going through. One might say that vibrant London is not the best place to reflect, but since it has a special place in my heart, it definitely was the perfect option. I walked around local streets, caught up with friends and met a few new interesting people, but most importantly, I recharged myself emotionally and simply had a great time. 
To stay stylish on this trip I relied on my favorite Lulus, which saved me on my previous European trip back in June. I managed to find perfect outfits both for London and Edinburgh (where I went for a weekend) and this one is my London look: vegan leather pants, true Londoner booties and obviously a hat. Stay tuned for my true Scottish look in Edinburgh :)

Full Outfit:


  1. I love this look. Very London appropriate. Hopefully you are not feeling too jetlagged <3

  2. The whole outfit is gorgeous! I love London; such an amazing city. Those booties are beautiful!

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  3. Fantastic jacket and boots! You look great in this minimalistic outfit!

  4. These pants look great, the perfect amount of shine!


  5. Great photos, love the hat!

  6. Красивые фотографии! Это удивительный, стильный и современный образ! Все вещи подходят идеально, а шляпка подчеркивает Лондонский стиль и аристократичность! Люблю этот взгляд!

  7. Your hat is so chic!