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July 15, 2015

My European Vacation

For those who still don't follow me on the social networks, it's time to tell you a bit more about my European trip. This year it was packed with gorgeous locations, great company and amazing food. I spent 3 weeks in Europe, kicking off my tour with a week in Cannes followed by a road trip around Tuscany and three day stays in Brussels and Amsterdam. I managed to see a total of 16 big and small towns all over Europe over the course of my trip. It was a little exhausting, but very exciting. I came back with a huge baggage of great memories and I think I even got a little depressed upon arrival, because this trip was like a dream and yet it was over so soon :( 
I was freaking out for a couple of weeks before leaving since I had absolutely no idea what to pack with me. I wanted to have a lot of outfit options, but didn't want to take a big suitcase in lieu of the amount of travel that I was planning to do. I also had to plan warmer looks in case of chilly nights or temperature changes from country to country. I also refused to take anything that I couldn't wear more than once and anything that wasn't pretty enough. I bought so much stuff from different online stores in hopes to get those ideal outfit options, but ended up returning most of it. I was getting desperate... 
But then I remembered about one store that somehow slipped my mind - my favorite Lulus. After spending hours on the website, I finally chose a few great summer dresses, pants, tops and a cool white jacket - perfect for summer nights. Whether it was surviving extreme heat in Cannes, getting lost on the streets of random Tuscan towns, admiring the architecture of beautiful Brussels or having the time of my life in vibrant Amsterdam, Lulu's made it easy for me to look stylish and feel comfy. Check out my looks that I wore in different cities and let me know which one is your favorite!
CANNES (France):

PISA (Italy):
BRUSSELS (Belgium):
AMSTERDAM (The Netherlands):
Huge thank you to Lulu's for keeping me stylish throughout the trip :)


  1. Beautiful photos! and I absolutely adore your second outfit!:)

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  2. Great photos and gorgeous outfits! I especially love the blue dress, it's so stylish!

  3. I want your wardrobe. So stylish!!


  4. Красивые фотографии! Все образы - восхитительны! Каждый наряд великолепно подходит тому месту, где ты путешествовала! Все они легкие, яркие и в тренде сезона!

  5. Those sunglasses are so chic! And I love that blue dress too.

    Lifestyle by Joules

  6. I love all of these outfits but I think the blue and white dress you wore in Italy is my fav :)


  7. looks like you had an amazing time! love all these looks

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  8. Wonderful outfits and stunning locations!

  9. You look lovely. Really love the little blue dress and the black and white.

  10. Great trip. You look gorgeous in all your outfits!

  11. Oh my goodness, such gorgeous outfits! I think my favorite is the blue and white floral dress with the espadrilles; I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the combination!

  12. It's an awesome review, thank's for it! :)
    My boyfriend and I going to visit Amsterdam this June, and I'm just looking for interesting tips and vacation ideas! :)