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February 26, 2015

All American In Lincoln

Lately it's been fun, because I got to test the new Lincoln Navigator 2015 for the whole week! It was exciting and a little intimidating, since I never drove an SUV before. But I got used to it so fast, that I didn't even want to give it back in the end :) 
This car is definitely a stunning and very photogenic piece of machinery. It's a perfect blend of enhanced utility, craftsmanship and comfort. The luxury SUV is surprisingly easy to operate and, most importantly, park! It's packed with the coolest latest technological advances, such as touch screen, voice activated navigation system and phone control (it's like you can literally talk to your car!), surround audio system and cross traffic alert (constantly monitoring all the blind spots and notifying you if there is another vehicle there). Overall it's a perfect vehicle for SUV lovers who enjoy enormous space, unlimited comfort and technological tricks for extra safety and fun.
As for the outfit, I felt playful and a little southern that day (having an all-American car), and lucky for me, Lulu's always has my back even if the craziest outfit ideas pop into my mind. Seriously, I thought about how much I need fringe boots this season and found them on right away!

Top: Lulu's. Skirt: Lulu's. Bag: Louis Vuitton. Booties: Lulu's.
Special thanks to Lincoln Motor Company for this exciting and unforgettable week with Lincoln Navigator 2015


  1. Great pairing! I love how the colors all work together well.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  2. Absolutely perfect!


  3. Fantastic boots and cropped top! You look beautiful!

  4. Really chic fringe designed boots and pretty white skirt with scallop details! Great car too, it will be fantastic for families!


  5. Красивые фотографии! Гармоничный союз автомобиля и молодой девушки, которая легко и просто справляется с современными технологиями, умеет подчинить и усмирить "характер" этой роскошной и очень комфортной машины. Твой стиль дополняет и элегантно вписывается в этот образ! Городской шик!

  6. Fantastic photos! Really like your post and article!