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February 2, 2015

Bryce Dallas Howard and Canon Event

Those who follow me on Instagram may have noticed that I worked with Canon back in December and I got a chance to attend their event. The open to public event was held outdoors and the host was Bryce Dallas Howard - a longtime Canon fan, as I learned. Canon introduced the public to their technology and came up with a few interactive stations where you could take a camera and test your photography skills or camera's setting right on the spot. It was fun, creative and definitely inspiring. I got a chance to chat with Bryce about Canon, the event, photography, fashion and her upcoming projects (Yay, Jurassic Park fans!). Read full interview below.

D: Tell us a little bit about the event...

B: This is Canon's Let it Snow Globe at Hollywood and Highland and it's an event for people to come out celebrate the holidays by engaging and interacting with Canon cameras, lenses and printers, so that they can see the technology that is available for them to use particularly during the holidays. Holidays are a time that we want to remember, it's a time that we want to treasure and Canon makes it possible for you to document it in a way that elevates the moment that is beautiful, flattering and sophisticated. That's really what it's about.

D: The are lots of stations here, which one is your favorite?

B: I am very excited about the printers because you can very easily take out the card from the camera, put it into the printer, scroll through the images and choose the ones that you want to print, press "print" and voila. There it is. And there is also the PIXMA. It's an app where you can send your photo to a printer anywhere in the world. So if you have a grandparent in another state or in another country you can press "print" on a photo that you just took of yourself, of your child or what not and that photo will then be printed out in their home wherever they are! It's incredible.

D: What do you like most about Canon cameras?

B: The thing that's great about Canon cameras is that they are very user friendly, and it is not hard to shoot with them. I consider myself pretty amateur when it comes to technology and I have never been intimidated with Canon. Once someone put a camera in my hands, I said "Oh, it's pretty simple to use and it's so much more beautiful!" And even my son, who got a camera when he was 4, has been shooting photographs that are so beautiful! And he feels really proud of himself because they are just as good, if not better, than the photos taken by adults. It is really user friendly. 
But for those who are professionals and who are really into technology, you can go deep. These are cameras that have been perfected and crafted over decades. That's what's so great about Canon. Anyone can use it, but as you grow in your knowledge of what is possible in technology, your camera will meet you there.
D: This event is all about creativity and inspiration. Can you tell us about what inspires you the most while you are doing any of your creative jobs being that directing, acting or photography?

B: Honestly I feel really inspired looking at other people's work and I feel really inspired whenever I think back on memories of my life or things that happened to me. As I am scrolling through photographs that I took of my own children or the photographs of my childhood, that definitely inspires me because it sparks the memory or the feeling and that's the direction I want to go with in terms of storytelling. I am inspired by others, I am inspired by memories, I am inspired by possibilities for the future. Also I am truly inspired by the opportunity, that we all now have to be creative, because the tools are available and they are easy to use. It's so often people, who are artists or who are creative, get stopped because they don't feel like they have the education to back it up or the experience, but all it takes is a tool and then you have the means to create.

D: Let's talk a little about fashion. What's your definition of style and what is your style?

B: I am from Greenwich, Connecticut, so I am probably comfortable old school preppy with color. I really love color. So that's probably my favorite style. What style is, to me it's an opportunity to express yourself and express your esthetics and your point of you with your clothes and your lifestyle. It's a point of view. We are always creating impressions of ourselves, everyone has an impression of us when we first meet them or when we are talking to them, and in a way style is also impression management. It's like "What do I want to say? Who am I?" It's a way to create and express that self. I think it's really important.
D: What are you wearing today?

B: I am wearing Isabel Marant Coat, Equipment Sweater, J Brand Jeans and Bionda Castana Shoes.

D: Let's talk about movies. What are you working on right now? I know "Jurassic World" is coming out. Tell us a little more about that.

B: It's very exciting. It's coming out next June. I am actually doing another project with Canon, so I'll be working on that in the beginning of January. And I just finished directing a series of short documentary films. Lots of exciting projects are coming up.

It was really fun talking to Bryce and being reintroduced to Canon cameras, since I am a longtime fan as well.



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