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January 8, 2014

Fashion App for Your iPad

As a true fashion lover, I love good deals and shopping online. The new iPad app StyleSpotter allows me to enjoy both in one easy-to-use interface. This app gives you the most advanced shopping experience today - you can browse tons of items and search them by brand, store, color, style and price.  

StyleSpotter can also provide you with available affordable alternatives if the item you like is out of your budget. But for those stubborn fashionistas who don't accept any alternatives the smart app will notify them when their favorite item's price drops! You will never miss out on a sale any more!
You are also able to save favorites and create virtual wish lists organizing your saved items into collections and share them with friends! Users can follow each other and their favorite fashion bloggers (my username is DianaMarks ;) ) to view their latest fashion picks. Check out the app and let me know what you think about it!


  1. Looks really cool and useful!

    Kisses from
    Today I bring you a Sporty and Casual Outfit....with my NEW amazing Varsity jacket and Leather All Star trainers!

  2. Kinda cool app ! Just perfect .


  3. bellissima custodia!

  4. очень-очень женственный и милый!!!

  5. Очень удобно и современно! Всегда в курсе новинок и возможность двигаться вперед в стиле современных технологий!
    Красота и прогресс!

  6. Wonderful outfit !