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January 23, 2014

Classic Look with Toni and Guy

Most of you already know that I was shooting a little fun project with Toni&Guy last weekend. They came up with a cool hair styling line and called it Hair Meet Wardrobe. The idea behind Hair Meet Wardrobe hair care and styling products is that hair is the best accessory to complete your look. 
We are used to think that for accessorizing our clothes we need a good choice of shoes, jewelry and make up, and a lot of times we forget about our hair. Toni&Guy created the best solution for a quick hair fix depending on your style. The came up with 3 fashion inspired different hair styling product collections, which will be available on the shelves of Walgreens in February and are already available online. The collection pretty much covers every style possible - Classic, Casual and Glamour. They chose me to represent the classic girl, who is polished but not prudish. 
I came up with a classic look in nautical style, which is going to be very trendy this spring. Here is a little sneak peak of the look which I'll share with you when the video comes out. This is my second day hair so they are not that curly as they were once styled. To be honest, I like both ways equally.

I got to try Hair Meet Wardrobe hair products myself and my favorites so far are the Smoothing Lotion (for conditioning sleek hold), the Shine Gloss Serum (for lightweight polish) and the Dry Shampoo (for quick hair refreshment on the go). I love that with the new Classic collection they were able to style my hair in a way I never imagined possible - sleek waves that hold for the whole day (which is usually problematic for my hair). Here is the before and after of my hair.
 Pretty impressive change, right? =) The products will soon be available on shelves at select Walgreens, but you can already purchase them online.
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  1. You may want to change the spelling from Tony to Toni in the first line.

  2. Awesome outfit and cool pics :D

  3. nice!


  4. Great look! I adore these curls! ^^ ♥

  5. Love the stripes and your hair looks amazing!

  6. Wow, I must try this new product by Tony & Guy. Also I love your blouse!

  7. Красивые фотографии! Профессиональная косметика от Тони и Гай делает волосы и прическу объемной и сохраняет долгое время в нужной форме! Интересно познакомиться с новинками и попробовать применить на себе! Надеюсь получить удовольствие! Спасибо!

  8. I will try to test them!

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  9. This outfit is just amazing!!! I should try it!

  10. Love the scarf!

    Your hair looks great!

  11. Diana your after hair looks gorgeous. Love the soft curls. You paired your hair so beautifully and appropriately with the nautical theme. Very retro glam which is what I associate you with :)

  12. It looks bad.. really bad. Trust your own instincts. Thats the classy you. Not this product.

  13. Did you love the dry shampoo? I have a hard time finding one that isn't clumpy.

    1. Me too! But that one was very nice. I think you should try it out.

  14. Great outfit :)