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September 28, 2016

Transitioning to Fall

This post is sponsored by Zappos and Coach, opinions are my own
Fall is here, and that means it’s time for wardrobe transitioning and adding a few statement pieces, that will last through the season (and hopefully much longer!). I partnered with my favorite again to showcase the beautifully crafted Coach bag collection that they carry. I have always been a fan of Coach bags - they are definitely not cheap, but well worth investing in, as their quality and craftsmanship is phenomenal. Plus purchasing them through Zappos is hassle free with their fast, free shipping and 365-day return policy.
As for the outfit I am wearing, I am excited to start thinking of wearing layers. My new favorite color mix for fall is green + cream. Added a beige coat and created a sophisticated luxury look with the help of my new gorgeous Coach Swagger 27 bag - a true statement pieces of a real lady ;)

September 25, 2016

Blending Passions with Wente Vineyards

When you find something you are passionate about, you undoubtingly set aside the time it takes to hone your skill. You put in the time it takes not because you have to, but because you love to. You enjoy the journey, not the destination, and that's what life is all about! For me personally, my passion has recently become meeting people. I used to read books on human dynamics and self development, but I recently found out that socializing and meeting new people brings me great joy and faster and richer experience. I love learning about people's lives, and how a series of events have shaped their lifestyles and personalities. It's a fascinating subject to me, and I am always generous with my time for interesting people. Hopefully, one day I can put all the things that I have learned from them in writing. 
It's easy to blend my passion with Wente Vineyards, as wine is a great compliment to a long and interesting conversation. Whether at a restaurant, at a picnic, or at home, Wente Wine is a perfect entertainment addition.
Try their wine and take advantage of free shipping using this code JRNYSHIP1 for a limited time! 

September 14, 2016

Stripes and Sneakers

You guys know how much I like casual european style. I never seem to get enough of white sneakers, there is something dressy about them! They have to be snow white to make an effect though. Today's look is head-to-toe - another online boutique with affordable and unique fashion definitely worth checking out! Use code SIDiana158 for a discount!

September 10, 2016

Plant Made Dinner with Earth Balance

My life has become crazy busy recently. With so many things happening, I hardly have 5 hours of sleep, not to mention that I haven't been to the gym in a few weeks (guilty of that!). I obviously know that it is just a period, and I'll have a more well paced life once things settle down. But how do you maintain a healthy lifestyle while being so busy? I addressed my diet. I obviously can't make strict dietary restrictions (otherwise I will just go insane, I love food way too much :)), but a few adjustments that I made in my diet went a long way. I now have more energy and am able to keep up with my schedule without always feeling tired. I limited (not excluded!) meat products and recently found out that I am gluten sensitive, so I limited gluten products as well. Replaced my morning oatmeal with a "healthy granola + greek yogurt + berries" combo, that I alternate with a meal replacement vegan shake. Lunches and dinners are usually on-the-go for me these day, and I am trying to play around with vegan meal options.
Therefore, an invitation to a plant-made dinner with Earth Balance came at the right time. I got to explore delicious plant-based dishes made with Earth Balance products (the dessert with peanut butter mousse and coconut whip was soo good!) and mingle with a great group of other foodies and bloggers.
Plant based food doesn't only mean healthy to me. It means vitality, energy and adventure. I do not in any way promote a fully vegan lifestyle as I believe it's a personal decision for anyone based on multiple number of reasons, but I strongly believe that including more plant meals in our diets and limiting animal products definitely helps in our journeys to health and vitality!