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May 12, 2013

New on Instagram

Lovely bicycle I saw in a shopping mall today

My new hat bought in Palm Springs
Love this way of serving margaritas

Funny sign at Vanilla Bake Shop

Fresh french macarons from Vanilla Bake Shop

Pancakes at the Viceroy

Cat face in my macchiato

And here is my little video diary from my Palm Springs mini-getaway
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November 14, 2012

Tuesday Coffee Break at Obika

While doing a quick shopping run in Westfield Century City Mall yesterday, I had a coffee break at my favorite Obika. Not only do they serve great lunches, but also delicious italian desserts ;)

San Pellegrino


October 10, 2012

My LA - Sfixio Restaurant

My new restaurant discovery is Sfixio in Beverly Hills  - a great ambiance with a modern design, great music and tremendously good homemade italian food, which is also beautifully served. What more can you ask for a perfect meal? The owners are a very nice italian couple, Mara and Massimo, who is also the chef. 
Insalata al Salmone

Verdure Grigliate

Scaloppine al Vino Bianco



September 14, 2012

My LA - Deluca's Italian Deli

Deluca's, located at the Americana at Brand, is a cozy italian deli, which serves delicious bakery treats and authentic italian snacks. I was so excited seeing a great selection of European desserts, that I couldn't resist ordering a very unhealthy amount of sugary treats. My only regret is that this deli is so far from my house that I won't be able to enjoy it as often as I would like to.


September 2, 2012

My LA - Cecconi's West Hollywood

One of my new favorite places for a weekend brunch is Cecconi's West Hollywood. Exquisite italian food in a trendy atmosphere is a perfect choice for a relaxing weekend brunch.
Salmon Tartare

Caprese Salad

Pasta Pesto