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October 30, 2019

Another round of Femme Luxe finds

Time goes by, seasons change, but I am still a fan of Femme Luxe. From a perfect little black mini dress to PU leggings and lace bodysuits, all for a fraction of a price! Ordering more again and again :)

September 9, 2019

More from Femme Luxe

Time for another little round up of my favorites from Femme Luxe - an affordable clothing British retailer featuring amazing stylish co-ords and dresses. I personally can't get enough of it since there is so much to choose from and prices are amazingly low. Get SO many compliments wearing their sporty sets and glam wear.

July 22, 2019

Affordable style with Femme Luxe

As you know, I like to introduce more affordable pieces on my blog every once in a while to defy the idea that you need to spend a lot of money to look good. Today I partnered with Femme Luxe - an affordable clothing British retailer featuring amazing affordable dresses, co-ords and loungewear sets to showcase how you can stay stylish on a very tight budget. Check them out and let me know what your favorite look is in the comments!

May 23, 2014

Sheer Bowknot

When I wore this outfit the other day I felt like a million bucks and even forgot for a second that my look is way lower than $100 total! How cool is that? You walk on Rodeo Drive and get stopped by women wearing head-to-toe Versace asking you where you got that skirt (which is ridiculously affordable, click here to see for yourselves!). I guess the point is knowing where to shop and not telling anyone :) But since I really love you guys I will reveal my secret spot (don't tell anyone else though ;)) - it's ChicWish! Versatile, feminine and affordable fashion is just one click away!
As for accessories, I have the opposite philosophy. I don't believe in multiple cheap bracelets hanging on your hands and making you sound like a gypsy. I prefer a one time statement piece that can be worn on multiple occasions and always look sophisticated (not flashy!) with any set you wear. This Siren Cuff with Amethyst stones from Monica Vinader is definitely that one piece that will say it all - the stones, the gold and the irregular shape of it make it a unique way of expressing your personality.