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February 5, 2016

#NOFOMO Bikini Confidence

This post is sponsored by Target
No one is free from the self-doubt and insecurities associated with swim season. We too often let how we look distract us from enjoying the best of spring and summer. This year, I am partnering with Target again, for their #NOFOMO campaign, which takes swimsuit season with a positive, empowering new attitude by encouraging all of us to be fearless and just have fun on the beach or anywhere else swimsuit-appropriate ;)
This topic is very dear to me, as I myself have experienced a lot of psychological challenges due to swim season and I missed out on a lot of great moments in life because of my body insecurities. A lot of times I used to avoid going to the beach/pool with my friends or participate in summer adventures simply because I was very conscious about my body and they way it would look in a swimsuit. I am sure a lot of ladies out there can relate.
Over the years, though, I have been on a quest to learn how to embrace my body, appreciate the good moments in life and defeat my insecurities. Basically, I have been learning to have the #NOFOMO attitude that Target is promoting. The best way to do it is by finding a good swimsuit and Target is definitely a great place to do that at. The important thing when choosing the right swimsuit is your attitude and a basic understanding of your body. But, most importantly, you need to be creative in your choices; try colors and styles you never tried before and have fun all along! I found three different looks that fit my pear-shaped body and accent my curves without revealing too much of my flaws. The first two looks are different swimsuits in an elegant black (which is perfect for any shape) and colorful pink (great for summer relaxing by the pool). The third one is a bright mint bikini. Love that the color immediately lifts my mood and makes me dream of seaside vacations.
All of these looks definitely inspire a #NOFOMO attitude in me, and I hope to be more fearless from now on. With #NOFOMO I am definitely planning to finally do all those things that I always avoided, like dancing on the beach in my swimsuits, going scuba diving, going to more pool parties and finally not be afraid to play beach volleyball!

Shop swimsuits in-store or online at With Target's free shipping and free returns policy, you can try as many swimsuits as you want and return what doesn't work! Stay confident, be daring and creative and most importantly have fun this swim season!

Photography by Brooke Mason Photography
Make up by Renata Rensky

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  1. Красивые фотографии! Эти образы восхитительны во всех купальниках! Представленные купальники великолепно подходят для молодых девушек и являются основной деталью пляжного наряда! Люблю все!

  2. Love these images! You look great!

  3. Beautiful swimsuits/ bikinis and a great campaign! We're all beautiful women, no matter the size or shape.

  4. The black swimsuit is great!

    Have a lovely weekend :)

  5. You look amazing! Love your blog!

  6. ^i agree.
    if you're ever in utah...