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January 14, 2016

Patterns and Expressions with Jonathan Adler Phones

If you follow me long enough, you might know that I am always searching for original artwork or print for my house and my style. I love different patterns in clothing and life, but tend to stick with classic black and white combinations. Luckily, even with these two colors, the amount of patterns is virtually limitless. Starting from home decor to my accessories, books, candles and outfits, I am always searching for the next favorite and original print. 
So naturally, once I learned about the new collaboration between Moto X Pure Edition and Jonathan Adler, I immediately got interested. Jonathan Adler’s designs span furnishings to fashion. Now, he brings his penchant for impeccable craftsmanship and irreverent luxury to personal technology in an inspired collaboration with Motorola. He created three limited editions of the Moto X Pure Edition. The designs are unique and eye catching, but most importantly, they are great ways of expressing one's personality. I personally like all three designs, but my favorite is monochromatic just because it's me ;) 
By the way, the new Moto X Pure Edition is worth mentioning by itself along with its incredible features:
• Top-rated 21 MP camera 
• All day battery
• TurboPower for the world’s fastest charging 
• A stunning 5.7” Quad HD display
• Front-facing stereo speakers deliver crisp, clear, and powerful audio
• Advanced water protection so spills, splashes, or rain won’t ruin your day
• It’s unlocked, which means you can use your Moto X on any network, and switch carriers whenever you want - without having to buy a new phone.

Here is more monochromatic pattern inspiration in my fashion ;)


  1. We have a Jonathan Adler store here I am yet to go visit! Love the classic simple design of the phone! Looks like you have been loving similar patterns :)

  2. I love your outfits! This is a great post on Jonathan Adler!

  3. Восхитительные фотографии! Черно-белый стиль - это всегда стильно и красиво, модно и актуально!
    Новые возможности Джонатана Адлера великолепно используются в повседневной жизни и будут достойно оценены, так как это удобно и надежно в использовании! Люблю все образы!

  4. Great photos! Amazing design and images.

  5. Удивительные фотографии! Люблю твой блог!

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