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October 8, 2014

The Boo Challenge

Target has challenged me to take my "boo" to the store and have him create a look that truly represents my personal style. I chose to take my friend Ricky for a little styling session and this is the look that he came up with: edgy faux leather with a touch of gold.
I am also excited to announce my partnership with Cosmic Cart, the universal shopping cart for the web. Cosmic Cart lets you buy items from multiple retailers without having to leave my site! When you see the Cosmic Cart icon on the photos, just click it to shop the look. It's that simple!

A little Q&A with Ricky about my style:
Why did you choose this particular look for me? 
I decided to follow your recent black obsession and added my own twist with gold accessories like those awesome boots (which are a steal!) and interesting sunnies.
What do you think is the best style for me?
Edgy, preppy and elegant are the three style directions you take that I particularly enjoy.
Sunglasses: Chilli Beans. Jacket: Club Monaco. Top: Pure Addiction. Pants: Target. Boots: Target.
Find your style at TargetStyle
Compensation was provided by Target via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.


  1. Ricky did a pretty good job if you ask me!! Love the boots! God knows what my bf would come up with if he had this challenge...

    Strawberry Shortcakes | Style Blog

  2. Wow he came up with an awesome look! I love it, so cool and chic!
    Fashion latte with vanilla

  3. Ricky did an awesome job! I let my husband pick out my outfit once, and he did surprisingly well, too! Congratulations on your partnership with Cosmic Cart!

    Kisses from Buenos Aires xx

  4. I am in LOVE with this leather look! Such a classic and edgy look. Great outfit :)


    - Robyn

  5. great look..i like your boots and sunglasses

  6. Absolutely amazing, rock n'roll outfit!!
    You look stunning!

  7. Stunning boots!


  8. Красивые фотографии! Действительно, удивительная работа проделана вместе с твоим другом! Мне кажется, что на сегодняшний день это очень современный, стильный и удобный вид для молодых людей! Применение двух тканей в одежде - это тренд и мода сегодня, но в таком сочетании будет актуальна еще долгие годы! Этот стиль имеет место быть в каждом гардеробе!

  9. Cool outfit, I love it! Your boots are amazing!:)


  10. Love the leather look!

  11. he did a great job!gorgeous outfit

  12. I usually match black with gold to create a sophisticated look and now I am inspired to try this color combination out on an edgy style as well! Love the leather and metallic gold co-ordinates, very cool and stylish!


  13. Love the boots!

    xx Cheyenne

  14. That jacket is awesome! The leather from the jacket sleeves and the front of the leggings gives the outfit a cool edgy touch - Well done to Ricky!

    Cat ♥ Cachoo Joo

  15. Great outfit for sure. I love the boots!

  16. I love this style!

  17. Super Edgy! xoxo -