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March 17, 2016

Modern Esthetic with Montblanc Legend Spirit

It's been a while since my last post, as you might have noticed. I have been traveling quite a bit in February and, if you follow me on socials, I visited a few amazing cities last month. I still can't believe I went to Miami, San Francisco, London and Geneva all in one month. I feel incredibly blessed and humbled to have had such an amazing month. Traveling is something that really inspires me, opens up my mind, let's me be more creative and feel free...
Speaking of traveling, you can check out this super cool interactive game with the new perfume Montblanc Legend Spirit, that I am partnering with for today's post. Whether racing a convertible to the beach or exploring a rugged trail by bike, the game lets you create your own Montblanc Legend Spirit Environment full of adventure and fun.
But let's talk more about the new fragrance - Montblanc Legend Spirit! Honestly, I am a huge believer in the power of scents. It's extremely important for both men and women to choose perfumes that fit their persona. When you meet someone, who wears a particular powerful perfume, you make a subconscious judgement of that person, as you treat their perfume as part of their identity. You can be immediately drawn to them for no reason, just because their scent has such an effect on you, and if chosen well, this person will have the same effect on you as well ;) I know for myself, if I met a man who wore Montblanc Legend and represented it in his essence (passion, confidence and authenticity!) I would definitely fall head over heels .

June 13, 2013

Desire by Dolce Gabbana

It got tired of my perfume and decided to finally change it. I think every woman should have her signature scent, that she should be associated with. However, I am not ready to make a perfume-commitment for longer than 6 months yet =)
I believe that a girl's scent has a very important part in her overall image and style. And don't we all want something that will leave a long lasting impression as we enter, linger and leave the room? So it took me quite a while to find that perfect fit, but I finally did it.
Desire by Dolce&Gabbana - a deeply feminine and special fragrance - is my current choice. What is your current favorite perfume?
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