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July 25, 2012

July 14, 2012

My LA - Petrossian Restaurant and Boutique

One of my new favorite brunch spots is Petrossian Restaurant and Boutique in West Hollywood. Quiet, modern and classy atmosphere with incredibly delicious caviar-based french menu is a perfect place for lovers of delicious and unique food.

July 6, 2012

My LA - The Whisper Lounge at The Grove

This intimate lounge, that is tucked away on Bow Street, is a quiet hot spot for those visiting the Grove. The nice romantic setting is perfect for couples or just anyone who wants to have some rest after  a busy shopping day or before watching a movie at the theatre. I personally like this place for amazing drinks, great appetizers, classy vibe and the most comfortable bar chairs.

July 3, 2012

My LA - Magnolia Bakery

Brought to Los Angeles from New York, the Magnolia bakery offers delicious vintage american desserts in the same style decor. This very quiet bakery is one of my favorite places to enjoy a delicious cupcake break. 

June 13, 2012

My LA - Obika Mozzarella Bar in Beverly Center

If you are shopping at the Beverly Center, then my advice is to have lunch at Obika Mozarella Bar, located right in the middle of the sixth floor. It's a "no-wall" restaurant, which is never crowded, so you can enjoy your shopping break and watch the busy life of this great indoor shopping mall.


June 8, 2012

My LA - Taste on Melrose

A laid back comfortable atmosphere in this small restaurant located on Melrose makes it one of my new favorites. It is not too fancy, neither it is too casual. They offer outdoor seating (where you can watch busy melrose street) and indoor seating, where your can relax and enjoy you delicious meal.
My personal restaurant rule: If the bread is terrible, there is no way I will ever enjoy the food. By the way, the bread in Taste is delicious ;)

June 4, 2012

My LA - Euro Caffe Beverly Hills

One of the few really european places in Los Angeles is the italian Euro Caffe. The place is full of italians, who are "regulars" and hang out there almost every day. For those who like soccer (and believe me, italians do), it's a perfect place to watch a game. They also have a lot of european editions of fashion magazines, which is especially pleasant for female visitors. The atmosphere of the cafe makes me feel like I am back in Europe (especially all those european men around ;)). Fresh italian brioche (croissant), a bunch of other delicious pastry choices, salads, italian panini and perfect coffee makes the food an essential complement to a great cafe experience. And finally, this is one of the favorite places of Russell Crowe - and the Gladiator can't be wrong ;)

May 26, 2012

My LA - Le Pain Quotidien

My favorite place for lunch is Le Pain Quotidien in West Hollywood or Beverly Hills. 
This is a belgian chain that specializes in organic breads and cakes. I love the classical music in the background; fresh, delicious and most importantly organic food (tartines, omelettes and salads are my favorite); laid back atmosphere and reasonable prices for the quality of food. The place will make you feel like you are somewhere in the belgian countryside. You can also choose to sit outside and just enjoy another sunny day in LA ;)