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April 25, 2018

My Bali Trip: Tugu Hotel in Canggu

As you know from my social media accounts, I recently went on a solo trip to Bali, which was full of adventures and self-transformational experiences. I managed to go to 5 different places (one of them is not even in Bali, it's another island in Indonesia!) over a span of 2 short weeks, but it seemed like I spent a lifetime there. I only had my first and last two nights of the trip planned, everything else was meant to be figured out as I go. I was following my heart and local advice, and ended up having the best travel experience of my life!
Bali is truly a magical island, with its own spirit and way of life. It is made up of fascinating history, a blend of religions and spiritual atmosphere all around. Local people are warm and welcoming, they believe in karma and energy, live in the moment and practice gratitude. I learned a lot from the local way of life. All areas in Bali are different from one another with their own unique twists, however they all unite under one balinese spirit. So without further adieu, let me introduce you to each area (and the place I stayed at) individually. 
My first stop in Bali was at a coastal village Canggu beach famous for great waves for surfing, cute cafes, co-working spaces and also known to be an up-and-coming resort area. I chose to stay at Hotel Tugu, which is a family owned museum-like property owned by a renown Indonesian art collector Anhar Setjadibrata. He owns a few hotels in Indonesia, all of which store his unique collections of art, therefore being on a mission to bring back to life the art, soul and romance of Indonesia. No wonder the hotel feels like his private property, and it seems that you are just vacationing at your friend's place. From museum-like decorations and a huge collection of antiques to the greenest tropical garden area, everything at the hotel looks dreamy and surreal.
The staff treats you like family, and goes above and beyond to meet each one of your needs. I felt like I am the only person staying there, despite the hotel being fully occupied. My suite had an oceanfront view, and I had a hard time leaving my balcony both in the morning and at night - sunrise and sunset ocean views are stunning! The location of the property is just footsteps away from the beach, where I took my surf classes despite myself never being an avid surfer. Weather you are into surfing or not, I definitely recommend it for an intense workout, super fun times and even a spiritual journey. 
As for the food, I was obsessed with Tugu Hotel's cuisine, which is almost upsetting as I didn't even get to try many other places in the area. Their breakfast bowls were delicious and dreamy, and dinner at JI Restaurant, which is located on the premises serves the freshest sushi that melts in your mouth! Check out full photo diary below:

Oceanfront view from my room.

Breakfast views from the roof of hotel's restaurant.
Their breakfast bowls definitely make me miss that place so much! 

The pool area is quiet and relaxing, and I wanted to stay there for hours. There is something almost spiritual about the calmness and tranquility of that area.

At night I could see the gorgeous sunset from my room..
And each evening ended with a note from the staff...

JI Terrace is the hotel's Japanese restaurant..
with the most stunning sunset views...
and the most delicious sushi...

As for the hotels premises, everything is very green, calm and beautiful...

Overall, if you planning to go to Canggu for a relaxing getaway, where you want to feel like home,  yet appreciate the local culture and way of life, Tugu Hotel is definitely the place for you..
After a few nights in Canggu, I went to Ubud, the spiritual and cultural center of Bali, where I stayed in a completely different setting. Stay tuned for more of my Bali adventures.


  1. looks very beautiful...hope you are enjoying with them

  2. Sounds great! I hope you had a wonderful vacation! It's so beautiful and interesting there! It's like another world for us!

  3. Отель Tugu - волшебное место, захватывает дух от красоты коллекций антиквариата и романтики Бали!
    А вид на океан и восход солнца завораживает и не оставляет быть равнодушным многих искушенных туристов! Еда в ресторане JI - бесспорно удовольствие для любителей японских блюд! Красивейшие места! Восторг и наслаждение!

  4. Such a magical place! I wish I was there!

  5. seems like you had an amazing time in Bali! So great you managed to see so many different sights...and even managed to visit another island in the archipelago- all that in 2 weeks! That's pretty phenomenal if you ask me.

    love your vacations styling- they're super cute.

  6. Good idea to spend your time at Bali than visiting and playing on the beaches and all the nightlife but get relax and enjoy the beauty! And this is a great place Hotel Tugu!

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