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November 26, 2017

Copper Makes it Better with Absolut Elyx

Being originally from Eastern Europe, I am expected to know the difference in the quality of vodka. And I have to be honest here, I haven't tried all vodkas in the world, but I tried a few, and I can give you a few tips on how to establish whether the vodka is good or not. There are two characteristics that I go after when choosing the right vodka - the brand, that I trust, and the price. Alcohol is the one product you can't be cheap with, because it's the key factor of the whole experience of drinking it. Most of us drink it socially, so it's important to have the whole experience safe, luxurious and entertaining. Plus it's not just the alcohol, it's everything around it - from where you drink, who you drink with and what you drink from. For those reasons, my ultimate favorite is Absolut Elyx, which is the ultimate expression of Absolut Vodka. It's the first single estate copper crafted luxury vodka of exceptional quality and silky smooth character. It's produced using winter wheat grown on one single estate in Southern Sweden, where the company traces and controls the quality every step of production - from seed to bottle.
Absolut Elyx is more than just a vodka brand - it's a liquid that tells a story with a lifestyle that embodies the hospitality, integrity, playfulness, warmth and style, which, by the way, happen to be my personal values as well! Especially integrity - it's one of my key principles in life, and I am glad it's one of the main values of Absolut Elyx. From the way they make the vodka to their environmental policies and water donation program, they truly redefine luxury and high quality business. That's the company I want to support!
Did you know how copper plays the lead role in the production of Absolut Elyx? The whole process is known to select few, but copper is integrated in every step, from copper catalyzation to rectification. It's their unique way in which Absolut Elyx gets its rich silky mouthfeel. And since it's all about the experience, the ultimate addition to vodka drinking is the glassware, where Absolut went above and beyond with their copper barware. It looks and feels luxurious and precious, which makes the whole experience 10 times better. Visit Absolut Elyx Boutique and check out their timeless stemware and bartools. Or at the very least, treat yourself to some Absolut Elyx and celebrate in style! And take advantage of 25% off site worldwide if you order until Monday night! Hurry up!

And here is a quick and simple vodka cocktail recipe that you can use to enjoy Absolut Elyx, in case you don't like drinking vodka by itself.

Raspberry Mule
Ingredients: 3 Parts Absolut Elyx, 1 Part Fresh Homemade Raspberry Cordial, 1 Part Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice, Top Ginger Beer
Vessel: Copper Mule Cup
Garnish: Fresh Raspberries
Method: Combine all ingredients in a copper mule cup over crushed ice, top with ginger beer and garnish
Enjoy and cheers!


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