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July 25, 2017

5 reasons why I love living in Venice

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As you know, I made a big move last year (within LA area) - from a perfectly clean and safe Beverly Hills to a diverse and vibrant Venice Beach. As a former luxury freak, I thought I wouldn't like Venice (or anywhere outside Beverly Hills), but it turned out that not only the area and the beach culture grew on me, but it also taught me so much about myself and opened up my mind in ways that I never imagined. As a creative constantly looking to get inspired, I can't imagine any other place to live that will give me so much satisfaction. So here are the best things about living in Los Angeles, particularly in Venice.

1) The weather. The weather in LA is perfect for long term living. Not too cold in the winter, warm summers (with chilly nights so that you are not too hot) with perfectly blue skies without a single cloud on them.  

2) Diversity in every form. A combination of freaks, highly successful people, entrepreneurs, yogis, creatives, hippies, weed smokers, tourists and thinkers - it's a true melting pot of not only cultures but different personalities, which makes it so unique. The places in Venice range from high end restaurants and properties to graffiti painted walls and barely standing structures. Beach lifestyle, techy world, yacht life and everything in between is all here within a 5 minute drive, or a 10 minute bike ride (in LA, I know!). 

3) Which leads us to bicycles. The first time I took a bike ride in LA was last year (even though I lived here 7 years!), and it changed my whole perspective on life. I felt so happy (like a little kid) riding a bike after so many years of driving and exploring local hidden spots. Now I regularly take bike rides along the beach (as you probably know from my Instagram stories ) to decompress and breathe the ocean air. I am even considering to get rid of my car next year.

4) Restaurants. LA is full of amazing restaurants, but after moving to Venice I discovered a new range of favorites from vegan-only Butcher's Daughter on Abbott Kinney, busy Rose Cafe to high end (and best food ever!) Gjelina.

5) The beach. Any comment needed here? ;)

6) New favorite - scooters. Venice is the hub for scooter culture - that's where it all started. Riding scooters is a great way to get around the area and you can enjoy it as a fun activity with friends and family. If you need more info on scooters, check out the best pro scooters here.

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  1. Великолепная погода несомненно радует каждого человека! Солнце, голубое небо и возможность наслаждаться океаном и чувствовать себя счастливым - это и есть момент счастья, но самое главное найти гармонию внутри себя и быть в единении с этим миром, что скажется на вашем развитии и возможности двигаться вперед! Все это можно почувствовать в Венеции и найти те удовольствия, которые нужны вам!

  2. Your pictures are amazing, I really like Los Angeles!

  3. Oh yes, 5 amazing reasons which I would point out too! I have lived in WeHo for 4 months and all 5 things you've pointed are the ones which would be the 5 top reasons for me to move to Cali if I would consider it.

  4. I would love to live that close to the beach and when I visit LA for work I stay in Santa Monica - fingers crossed I run into you! (And still kicking myself I did not say hi at the Reward Style party in 2013 at NYFW - I was too shy)!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

    1. Awww, I am sure our paths will cross again some time. Thanks for all your support, Kelly. And check out Venice, when you re in LA ;)

  5. Love this post! I just visited California for the first time this summer and stayed in the Venice area! Absolutely beautiful there! And like you said, the culture melting pot feel is so real in this city. Thoroughly enjoyed my time here an can't wait to make it back!