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September 7, 2016

Win A Trip Around The World: 5 Cities In 30 Days

This post is sponsored by Radisson Blu but my love for their hotels is all my own.
You all know that I love to travel and try to get out of LA as much as I can - and it's not nearly as often as I'd like to! My longest trip this year was a three week non stop European tour, and I tried to share every detail with you guys. But more than that, now YOU have a chance to take 30 days and travel around the world yourselves and visit 5 amazing destinations (airfare for two included). 
I partnered with Radisson Blu - one of the world's leading brands with nearly 300 hotels in operation in 69 countries and territories to give away this phenomenal experience. And participating in the giveaway is also super FUN! To enter, take a journey through Paper City, and discover fun facts/clues about each location, helping you guess the city. It's simple and fun!

Here are my top 5 destinations that I would definitely recommend :
1) Athens, Greece - I started exploring Greece this year, and I definitely fell in love with the country. I am yet to see it's beautiful capital - Athens.

2) Edinburgh, UK - adventurous and perhaps a bit spooky. The weather is not my favorite, but you will definitely remember your trip forever!

3) Istanbul, Turkey - this place is by far my most favorite. I was mesmerized by the mix of cultures, religions and people. Truly unique!

4) Antwerp, Belgium - beautiful Belgium city with it's history, architecture and character.

5) Marseille, France - I have yet to visit this town, but I am obsessed with the South of France. Would definitely love to go live there for a month in the summer!

What are your top 5 places that you would like to or have visited?


  1. Awesome! I personally loved Malta (the whole Island!), Greece is just gorgeous, Venice is... everything...

  2. Эти удивительные города и страны, действительно, заслуживают, чтобы хоть один раз посетить и увидеть все своими глазами! Путешествие обогащает нас, заряжает положительными эмоциями и заставляет воспринимать мир по-другому! Твое посещение Греции вдохновило и сейчас хочу открыть ее для себя!

  3. Enjoy the journey with the company Radisson Blu!

  4. Enjoy and have a journey through City Paper! Have a good trip!

  5. you were enjoying with the pictures...hope you should send me more later...
    Ras Abu

  6. Beautiful pictures! I love the traveling and want to go there!

  7. Egypt, Sicily and Spain would be top of my list :)

  8. Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, the Grand Canyon, and Germany are all on my list! Thanks for linking to the contest though they are not accepting entries right now! :(

    xx Kelly
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