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September 16, 2015

Refresh Your Fall Wardrobe With Golden Tote

My style is changing as often as the weather and I am always looking to try something new. But occasionally I get stuck and run out of ideas on what I want to try or where I should shop. Not to mention that it's all incredibly time consuming. I am sure I am not alone in this, right ladies? ;) 
Recently though I discovered a new service that could be a great solution for all of us. It's called Golden Tote, and it's basically a program where you purchase a surprise tote full of clothing ($49 for 2 items or $149 for 5-6 items) and you only choose 1-2 items in that tote. As for the rest, it's picked out by Golden Tote's stylists based on your style profile. So you actually get a surprise bag with amazing stuff for a steal! I was excited and a bit scared when I placed my order for a large tote, but ended up overjoyed when I got a whole new wardrobe in the mail :) I created 4 different fall looks with the items and honestly, I can't decide which look I like the most. By the way, since the return policy is all or nothing, girls are also trading pieces they don't like in their tote on "Golden Tote Trading Group" Facebook page.
Golden Tote launches new sales on the first Monday of each month, so go check them out ASAP before this month's items sell out! And here are the looks I created with mine ;)
I love early fall fashion. There is something elegant and romantic about it. This velvet midi skirt that came in my tote, paired with lace crop top and a foulard helped me create just that type of mood.

This whole look below is from Golden Tote. I am sure they didn't plan for it, but all three items look amazing when styled together. Great business look for early fall.
Always wanted to find a perfect plaid shirt, but was convinced for some reason that they all look bad on me. This one fit perfectly and looks great in a casual look with white pants and booties.
Obsessed with this dress! Love the shape, the little detail in the chest area and the color. Looks very glam with over the knee boots and a classy bag.
They launch a new tote with new inventory every month on the first Monday, so go check out Golden Tote and order ASAP before the styles sell out. Happy (surprise) shopping! ;)
Sponsored by Golden Tote.


  1. all these looks are great

  2. Love all of these looks. Makes me excited for Fall!


  3. Красивые фотографии! Все образы - восхитительны! Стильные и комфортные наряды для молодых девушек! Каждый образ заслуживает внимания и имеет место быть в повседневной жизни!

  4. I must find a good OTK boots like these!
    xoxo -

  5. Sounds great. All the looks are amazing!

  6. I love so many of the items!!! Beautiful photos. My favorite items would definitely have to be the skirt and ankle boots at the top and then floral dress at the bottom.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights