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August 3, 2015

Back to School with Sakroots

I can't believe we are already in August and school is just around the corner. Even though I no longer go to school, I still have that "back to school" feeling every year when the time comes. I also still need a few essentials for my home office and work, and what's a better time to shop for new stuff than "back-to-school" season? Here are a few of my favorite must haves for this time of the year.
I've become quite obsessed with backpacks in the past few years (ironically enough, I hated them when I actually was at school :) ), because they are a great way to keep my hands free and still have all the essentials with me. Sakroots has surprised me again with their colorful and original selection of prints. I'll definitely be wearing my new artsy backpack very often. As for the other must have, I cannot imagine my life without it - Sakroots agenda. My days are so crazy and hectic that if I don't have a planner with me, I go insane. The one from Sakroots is definitely the best - it's big enough, stylish and just fun.
I like Sakroots not only for their products, but also for the company's direction. Not only Sakroots supports young artists, but the company also runs a "Campus Circle" campaign, which consists of college ambassadors sharing the Sakroots story around their campuses. 
By the way, you can receive 15% OFF you first purchase if you sign up with your email on the Sakroots homepage. So hurry up and make one of these awesome backpacks your own!

Backpack and agenda: Sakroots.


  1. Love your pics and the way your styled yours! The black and white ones were my favorites I think since they bring out the details!

  2. such a cute, casual outfit!

  3. such a cute backpack

  4. What a fun backpack! I love the pattern.

  5. Cute look...I'm with ya...always needing my planner!


  6. I absolutely love this look! Totally understand the back to school vibe. Great post girl!
    Xoxo Steph

  7. Such a cool backpack!! :)

  8. Diana this is such a cute and practical backpack! I own one too but in a different brand but I'm always looking for a different alternative :)

  9. Awesome look! Casual and chic. I love the all black outfit and how the bag goes with it

    Kat | Delirium Style

  10. Черный и белый цвета - это всегда шик и красота! Удобный, повседневный образ! Рюкзак - вне конкуренции, стильный и модный! Люблю этот образ!