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April 11, 2015

Pushing the Edge with McLaren

It's time to get back to cars again with McLaren Newport Beach. This time it's my new favorite car - McLaren 650S Spider. It's a true supercar with a unique balance of luxury and excitement. And most importantly, it's is convertible - the result of true genius of McLaren innovators. 
Every time I see that car, whether it's on screen or live, I get the same tingle of excitement. Every panel, every surface, every detail is simply flawless - it feels like a dream. But when I started to dig deeper, I actually found out that it's more real that it can possibly be. The ideal and efficient design is a result of innovative thinkers behind McLaren whose biggest inspiration is ever-evolving Mother Nature and the animal kingdom. What can be more real?
The 650S is the world's most versatile supercar, and the Spider takes another step further with a retractable hard top which can open you up to a whole new dimension of driving enjoyment. I am not surprised that this piece of art is designed by McLaren, which adopts the philosophy "If it doesn't push the edge, it's not good enough".
As for the look, I definitely felt like a true badass hence a leather skirt and a studded bag. But there's no true woman-power without a touch of glam and sophistication, which was created by mixing a feminine top with heavy leather details.

Clothes: The Kooples.
Special thanks to McLaren Newport Beach for providing vehicle for this shoot


  1. Wow! What an amazing car! Loving your outfit too, Diana :)

  2. Фантастические фотографии! Удивительный автомобиль, который поражает своим дизайном и технической мощью, дает возможность почувствовать себя сильным человеком, способным укротить этого "железного зверя". Стильный образ!

  3. Your outfit is so beautiful! Lovely photos!

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  5. such a cool car!

  6. Perfect car. xa

  7. Beautiful pictures! You look fantastic! Stylish car!

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