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May 17, 2014

Summer Beauty Essentials

I decided to make a post about my current beauty favorites and, who knows, maybe it will become regular content for my blog ;) Here are the beauty products that I can't go without these days.

1) Soy Face Cleanser from Fresh - a gentle gel that removes make up and everyday impurities without stripping the skin of essential moisture. I tried so many cleansers, but they all dried out my skin, so this one is a real savior!
2) Rose Water always keeps me refreshed during the day (especially now that it's so hot in LA!) and is also a perfect toner before I apply my night cream. Plus, it smells so good!
3) Honest Mouthwash - all natural organic mouthwash is the first one I found on the market that doesn't irritate my mouth. It has a truly refreshing and pleasant minty taste. Perfect any time of the year, especially in summer!
4) Clear Dry Shampoo - my hair needs to be washed every day and since I don't always have time for it, this shampoo has come to rescue. It gives me extra volume boost and a great base for styling my hair on a second day after wash.
5) Aubrey Collagen Restorative Moisturizer - collagen-based moisturizer helps my skin retain much-needed moisture and freshness. It hydrates perfectly without clogging my pores.
6) Goldfaden MD Light Treatment - a targeted discoloration corrective treatment helps to provide an even overall skin tone and hydrates from within.
7) Goldfaden MD Sun Visor - an absolute summer MUST for your skin is a good SPF. This one is my favorite because it's an ultralight translucent oil- and fragrance-free MIST (!). Since it's a spray the application is much easier and it doesn't clog my pores!
8) The heat these days is unbearable so I try to stick with natural make up (not that I am much of a make up addict anyway). A good foundation, mascara (both Lancôme) and my long term favorite Dior Addict lipstick are all I use these days.
By the way, check out these beauty wipes! They are incredible!


  1. Nice selection of products! I need to try the dry shampoo ;)

  2. I used to use clear dry shampoo too, my hair is too delicate for washing up every day

  3. Nice post and lovely items :)


  4. I have the Teint Idole Ultra 24h from Lancome and I must say it is very good for those with oily skin or for summer days and places with a lot of humidity.

    All Beauty Confessions

  5. Very nice essentials!

  6. I have a rose water toner now that I swear by! I live for dry shampoo as well! Now I want to try the Honest mouthwash! Thanks for sharing!


  7. Sure. That is a lovely post. Hope you post more often about your beauty faves :)
    I really like your products but not know everything :)

    Lovely P
    THEVOGUEVOYAGE - Fashion adventures by Patricia Sophie Petit

  8. i love honest products! ..but i have yet to try to mouthwash...definitely need to add that to my next bundle :)

  9. There's a few i'm looking to try :)

  10. Those purple sunglasses are awesome!! Nice list - I haven't tried any of them actually, but they all sound like they work great! Plus I definitely agree about the light makeup routine for the summer - It doesn't feel the greatest when you've got heavy makeup on when it's super hot out there!

    Cat | CACHOO JOO

  11. Have you tried Cavier brand dry shampoo? One of the best ones I have used. I have fine and straight hair like yours too so I understand the need to wash it everyday :)

    1. I haven't tried it, but now I will ;) Thanks for sharing!

  12. Dry shampoo is probably my most loved product in the Summer-time... except maybe deoderant :P Lovely picks :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

  13. I also love this dry shampoo, the best I used yet.

  14. I really need to try some of these! I like your blog so much!! :)

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