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March 29, 2018

From work to fun with b.tempt'd

This post is sponsored by b.tempt'd, but opinions are my own :) 
You know that my lifestyle is very hectic and unpredictable, which can take its toll on my stress levels and overall health. I take this seriously and try to take care of my mind and body well-being as much as I can. Luckily, I live in Venice beach, where there are countless options to unwind and take care of your balance - from sunset walks to biking, paddle boarding or exploring local neighborhood stores. We all know that staying active is the best way to have a healthy mind. My new favorite activity is Bird scooters - a fun way of transportation, that makes you feel like you are a child again. And with my favorite lingerie brand b.tempt'd, I can finally do it all almost immediately because I don't need to change.  b.tempt'd is a lingerie brand that not only fits your body, but also your lifestyle. Their bras are comfortable for anything - work or fun, plus the brand is heavily encouraging us to take care of ourselves. I wear their bras under a t-shirt for meetings and for a light activity right after; it looks and feels amazing in any situation.
Here I am wearing the b.tempt'd Modern Method Bralette - perhaps the most comfortable bralette I have ever worn, because it still provides the support of a regular bra, yet feels cozy without the extra weight. And it looks so cute - I deliberately want to show off as much of it as I can. That's why I paired it with a loose contrasted tank top - and you know me, I love black and white combination more than anything. 

March 19, 2018

Self-Care with Biore

I have been talking about self care more and more on the blog, mainly because that's what this year is all about for me - taking care of my mind, body and soul without being too obsessive about it. I am humbled to keep partnering with the companies that are on the same mission as I am, and they introduce me and my audience to new helpful products. Today's blog post is about Biore - the brand, which has innovative products that really work, with superior technology, unique ingredients, and unexpected sensorial solutions that targets the root of all skin problems - the evil clogged pore.
I am not a huge mask fan, it takes too much time and is always messy for me, but Biore One Minute Self Heating Mask is the product I fell in love with immediately. First of all, it's only one minute, second - it doesn't harden, and rinses fast and clean - hence, no mess! I love the way it heats up on the face, such a cool sensation! Plus it's infused with natural charcoal, which draws out pore clogging dirt, oil and impurities in just 60 seconds, and it's 2.5x times more effective than a basic cleanser! Handy compact packaging makes it a great product to travel with. What is there not to love? :)

February 26, 2018

Worry-Free with Kleenex Wet Wipes

I am always on-the-go - whether it's running errands, taking meetings, travelling, working, shooting, or exploring. These days my family is visiting from another side of the globe, so I literally need 48 hours to stay on top of my busy lifestyle and time with them. Balancing everything leaves no time even for some basic hygiene like washing hands regularly, and I am so happy that my new Kleenex Wet Wipes help me stay germ free and clean throughout the process - now available at Target! 
Kleenex was always known for their facial tissues, but now they are extending their legacy to a new generation that enjoys getting their hands dirty and keep moving forward with new products - Kleenex Wet Wipes. They are meant to be used every time you would like a refreshing clean to rejuvenate yourself - whether at home or on-the-go, on hands or on your face! They have 3 types of wipes (only $1.49 each at Target!) - gentle clean, germ removal and sensitive. 
I use them throughout the day - in between meetings, before and after a meal in my car (guilty of that!), during extended periods of time in public places and on my face after a long day. Get them at your local Target or on

February 16, 2018

Welcome to My Home

I can say confidently that this post is the most anticipated on my blog ever. I moved to a new place more than half a year ago, and was teasing you guys on socials promising to show you my decor ever since. I didn't realize that furnishing and decorating my place entirely from scratch will take that long - perhaps I am too indecisive, or just a careful tastemaker. In any case, it was a big project for me, and I enjoyed the experience (even if it was stressful at times). While decorating is a constant work in progress, I couldn't be more excited to finally show you the first version that I am truly happy with. I decided to go for a mid-century all white decor with a few boho details here and there. I feel like this decor represents my personality the most at the moment, and every piece that is here is chosen with love and attention. The place is fairly small, and I tried to keep it cozy yet minimalistic. I actually adopted elements of minimalistic lifestyle in all aspects of my life, and it has helped me so much mentally.
Let's start the tour with the living room, where I spend most of my time - on my cozy white couch from Crate & Barrel, in particular. All the rest of the furniture comes from Rove Concepts - literally the best furniture I have ever seen. My coffee table, moroccan pouf and TV stand are all from their Kure collection, I am completely in love with its solid quality and amazing design. I can definitely say, that Rove Concepts is for perfectionists! More importantly, I am almost scared to browse their site, because I always feel like I need to buy everything (even if I have no space for it). Trust me, when you discover their quality, you'll get addicted as well.
Of course I couldn't get a place without a fireplace - it makes such a difference in creating a cozy environment. I use it every single day since I moved in. As for the art, all of it is from Minted - my favorite go-to place for amazing art pieces. The "Staredown" photo, that you see framed to fit my interior perfectly thanks to my local Universal Art Gallery (I second LA Magazine, they are definitely the best framers in LA!), is by far my favorite art piece that I ever owned. This photo has so much energy - power, strength, stillness and stability. Everything that I strive for. The rest of my art pieces are more of a romantic nature - to showcase the feminine side of my personality. 
The dining room and the bedroom are the areas, where I decided to mix in other decor elements, such as boho motives and quirky vibes. I barely ever sit at my dining table (I spend most of my time sitting at the bar area that is not pictured in this post), hence there was no need for a big dining table. It almost looks miniature, but definitely sits up to 4 people comfortably. The planter above it is from We Are M.F.E.O., I have been obsessed with it the moment I discovered it on Instagram. And the straw hats on the wall are a final touch that added those boho and beachy vibes to the whole decor. 
My bedroom was a challenge. With 2 huge closets on both sides of the room, I wanted to keep it as minimal as possible. My bed is from Rove Concepts (obviously!) - definitely the best bed I have ever had. I am in love with their built-in solid panel foundation, makes it so sturdy and comfortable. Not to mention that the design of it is perfect. Having romantic art, minimalistic mid-century bed, I needed to add some quirky elements to showcase that private side of my personality, so I added these fun all-white tiny nightstands that I got on Amazon. Bedding is exclusively from Brooklinen, I have been their fan for over a year now. Candles around the house are from them as well. 
I hope you enjoy this little tour of my cozy place. Can't wait to hear your thoughts.